Evaporative coolers are a best choice when looking for efficient cooling and energy consumption in one. However, evaporative coolers run long and well, when service and maintenance checks are carried out regularly. Evaporative coolers are known to be ideal for allergic and asthma sufferers, specifically emphasizing on providing clean air and ultimate ventilation for such patients. The buyers are unaware of the dust that gets clogged up in the units that block the filter pads in every cycle of air flow, causing possible blockages within the cooling system. Product build-up results in less air flow and unhealthy circulation of air throughout the house. To ensure maximum performance and minimize the chances of break-down, it is advisable to get your evaporating cooling system cleaned and serviced in regular intervals.

Why You Should Not Go Casual on Evaporating Cooling Services:

Evaporative Cooling Services are advisable to ensure durability of your air-conditioning system and to improve the air quality around you. Evaporative Cooling Services reboot your cooling system to provide cool air and control moisture level in the surrounding. Not only that but also ensures unobstructed air flow through the air panels. It enables the moving parts to work smoothly and efficiently, while enhancing its lifetime performance. An annual evaporating cooling service would allow your cooling system to be disinfected of bacteria and mold that goes neglected and in certain cases may lead to house fire Evaporating Cooling Service not only provides seasonal maintenance but also offers other necessary services too. Evaporative Cooling Services supply installations of winter cover panels or bags to suit most evaporative cooling systems that protects your air-conditioner even when not in use.

The DO-S of Evaporating Cooling Services:

  • The filter pads and air panels should be removed to be cleaned thoroughly at the time of the evaporating cooling service. This removes dust and dirt, cob-webs and other product build-up.
  • The water pump should be checked to ensure its proper operation and to free it from debris.
  • The drain valve must be checked for no leakages and to look for its proper opening and closing function.
  • The float valve must be checked to ensure the water supply shuts off at the correct water level. The internal water tank should be cleaned and made leak-proof and services should also check the roof flashings for it to be water-proof and free of bird’s nests and debris.
  • Water distribution should be checked across filters to ensure complete water saturation.
  • The fan operation too should be checked properly in all modes to ensure maximum healthy air flow. The motor current should be checked to avoid short-circuits at low voltages.
  • The entire water system must be disinfected, and all electrical connections should be re-checked after completion of the evaporating cooling service.

Evaporating Cooling Services Come With 100% Guaranteed Cooling Satisfactions

Evaporating cooling services is available for any brand of air-conditioner at the time of its purchase. Annual inspections are a necessary requirement in regards of maintaining a manufacturer’s warranty, since identifying issues concerned with cooling systems are hard to identify and may later pose household damages if ignored. Almost all air-conditioner system companies have experienced technicians to provide maintenance and evaporating cooling services of the highest standard, so that your system is not left to rust.


Published by Jack Louis