Women’s Evolution through Time

Since Adam & Eve’s times until nowadays, women’s role has been changed.

The metamorphosis has implied leaving its conventional role as a mother and housewife to participate more actively in the society as an artist, entrepreneur and leader.

Every day is more common, to see women in a management job as a company’s ceo, business owners and in a political position as a president or minister.

Anyway in all these cases we can see how the woman has taken over positions that were traditionally occupied by men without leaving aside her conventional role.

Despite all the adversities that women have had to overcome in relation to their rights, once again breaks down a cultural and social wall to position themselves with better wages and positions jobs.

However in recent years, we can see a new women’s generation who give another twist to the current society.

Nowadays, more and more women are not interested in being mothers neither wives but rather want to dedicate themselves to building their dreams, traveling around the world and discovering new horizons.

For many people this “new role” is seen as an egocentric lifestyle but what nobody sees is that new independent woman is adapting to the new times we are living.

Nowadays, it is that no longer used to have the same couple forever, living in the same city or having the same job for decades.

We live in a more and more dynamic society, where changes are more radical and faster in consequently the women’s role has been changing in a few years.

Consequently men have to changes his role as a protector and exclusive supplier (Adam) to an “another one”. This new women’s generation are not looking for an Adam who will solve their lives simply wants to find a life partner, without need to have children and even get married.

Beyond the controversy that can be generated, this assessment is becoming a daily reality so it's time to stop cataloging, pointing out or discriminating against this new women’s group and accepting that they are simply free.

Sooner or later, new generations will have to accept the new formats and schemes that are being established in humanity and one of them is that “Eves” are in extinction risk.

And no, it’s not “The Apocalypse”, it is simply called EVEluTion.


Published by Andrea Mazzei