My edition: Kindle

Pages: 498

Series: Stand alone

Rating: DNF no rating


Review: I got this off of NetGalley.

I had problems with the writing style. I wasn't much of a fan. I think this has a little bit to do with the British English that the story is written. I am from the middle of the United States and the jargon is different. I had to look up a few words on the internet just to understand what some people were saying.

Now that wasn't the reason on why I didn't like this book. I wasn't interested. The main character came off as whiny to me. I understand that her twin brother had died and she is trying to cope with the new reality of living without her twin but she just...ugh I can't describe it. The way she interacts with her mom  just makes me want to slap her. She doesn't even try. She just quits before even trying.  I got to about 30% then I put it down and I haven't gotten any urge to pick it up again. It's been about a month. I'm calling quits on this because I really don't want to waste time with a book I have no interest in when I can be reading books that I do.

This one was just not for me. 


Published by Jay Belmudes