London, England, in the autumn of 1888



No one knew how sad and lonely she was. She loved him more than she loved herself. If she knew he must die, she did want to replace him. Leah still remembered the day she got married with him, her lovely Joshua. She remembered even the words he had spoken that day:


‘Even death will never keep us apart.’


Now he was dead and death had already kept them apart. However, she would never let it be this way forever.


Leah wiped away her tear. She had the way to bring her lover back to life.


‘Everybody must die that is the truth. You cannot escape it because it will chase you like a shadow. But there is one and only way to cheat the death. It is a resurrection.’


It was her last chance so she must be hurry before someone might noticed what she was about to do.


She suddenly went to graveyard where her husband was buried. She dig him up, then gently touched his face and kissed his icy lip.


Leah started to cut his brown silk hair and bound it into a mud puppet. After that, she dropped her blood on it while she whined the black magic.


A few minute later, the puppet slowly returned to the mud human, Joshua.


Leah held her spouse tightly even though his body was unstable.


“Just like you said,” Leah said with the smile on her face, “You will die because of heart attack six day after we got married and it comes true. Six day after your death, if I do like page six on this book, you will be alive again. Now, you’re here.”


Joshua didn’t say anything except kissing her on the mouth. It made her heart beating so fast. Leah never disgusted the test of mud because she loved him so much. She didn’t care how he was as long as Joshua was Joshua.


Leah stopped kissing him while Joshua pulled out his mouth. Suddenly, Leah collapsed. Joshua knelt down and touched her.


It was a corpse...Leah's corpse. She was already dead. At the same time, the mud body of Joshua became a human body.


“Even death will never keep us apart…you believe in those word. Please, don’t make me laugh.” Joshua looked at her body with pitiful feeling. “I never love you. Oh! I forgot…thank you for giving me a new life. No, it’s not right. You must thank you me because I make your dream come true.”


‘If you must die, I do want to replace you, Joshua’

Published by Amethyzt Specter