I'm essence, The gift of purpose, Ready for the better me to complete me. I'm armed with strength, Waiting with dignity, Dressed in virture, Never compromising standards, After all- he'll be the ideal being- Or so I thought... It was a happy moment, In the glimpse of that expectation, With a charisma of acceptance, It was beautiful!!! But soon enough; just that- a moment. '... I think it's best if we are apart...' APART from the fact that you said we 'was' different. A part you played so assuredly. Saying we 'was' the best that happened to each other, But now I know... Like the others- I'm just another. Stranded- Strangled with the deciet of reality A promise notwithstanding, Broken nonetheless, Simply because... So I look into the future, And see you see me in the past. Yea, I'm sorry... ...too!

Published by Tosin