Event coverage is an essential part of any evet management task. It is important to have the moments of the event captured and saved for future use and reference. Event coverage means recording the event as photos, audio visuals or updating the event via social media and blogs. One important point to be noted is that event coverage via social media might not be as effective as recording the event. The coverage made via social media has to be shared using some other means after the event. This might create problem sometimes. And when it comes to audio visual, social media platform might not be the right choice.

Covering any event and recording them as photograph and audio visual ensures that all the important moments of the event are captured and saved for future. Use of good technology and equipment is a must while doing event coverage. Let’s see how we can prepare ourselves before covering any event. The first decision that needs to be taken is the type of coverage we want to do, is it live via social media or recording the event on camera or live broadcast on television. Depending on the type of coverage we can prepare our equipment and settings. Preparing yourself for the event and its coverage is next stage. Here you need to make sure you capture everything from the event and note down important notes for your ease and reference. There is a buddy system in practice where anyone going for event coverage asks their colleague to be with them helping in the coverage. If this is not possible we can use technology instead of buddy. The last stage for the event coverage is the use of editing of resources and saving the important parts of event. Optimizing the photos and videos to make them usable and shareable is also important as the organizer might want to share the photos in the social media.

As an event coverage crew it is important to capture every little detail as possible making it easy for the organizer to find what they are looking for. It requires lot of focus and attention.  

Published by scott jack