Events that shaped History is a collection of Events that shaped History. Surprise. Covering a wide selection of subjects such as both World Wars, Vietnam War, the discovery of DNA, 9/11, as well as historically important people like JFK, Queen Elizabeth, Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela.

This book is filled with information and photographs of some unforgettable World events and influential people. It is one of those books that you could read from start to finish, or just pick up and read a topic of two that interest you on any given day.

This book is well designed, with the subjects featured laid out chronologically. With detailed images and easy to understand text. Although I did come across some grammatical errors throughout the book.

I feel that this book would be best suited as an introduction to modern history for school aged children. There wasn't a lot of unknown information or unseen images and the text was quite limited. This book probably wouldn't be very satisfying for people who lived through these events or have a general understanding of them.

I feel this book would be a good addition to a bookshelf as a quick and easy reference guide.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker