The Over Duet is a story first loves, second chances, and hard truths.
Marlo … wild-eyed, untamed, and every single thing I’ve ever wanted from this life. I wasn’t ready for her back then. I was a stupid boy with adult feelings and no idea what to do with them. I squandered away every chance she gave me.

Yes, a love like ours either burns white hot or crumbles under the pressure.
And now I’m back to sift through the rubble.

Questions and excuses are two things I have in spades. What I need now are answers.

Answers and Low.

Always Low.

My name is Ever Montgomery, and this is my story of love resurrected.

Book 2 of 2 in The Over Duet. Ever Over After is not intended for readers under the age of 18.


 After the way Low Over High ended, I had to start Ever Over After immediately. I was extremely happy to see that not only had Marlo been able to move forward in her life and start a career that made her happy, but Ever had been able to do the same. As much as I loved Ever and Marlo together and hated to see them split up so soon, I think the time apart did them good and allowed Ever to heal.

Marlo's nightmares and struggle to keep herself together made my heart hurt for her. I realized that even though she had finished school, made new friends, and started a career that makes her happy, she hasn't really dealt with what happened to her. She just buried it deep inside and tried her best to keep it there. Ever Over After brings both Marlo's and Ever's stories full circle, individually and together.

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"There's no question in my mind that she could be my undoing. But I also know she's worth the risk. She's worth it all."

"Because of you, I'm strong enough to look her in the eye and say, 'Do your worst.' I'm strong enough to show her the man I am. I'm strong enough to fight."

"Accessories are king, cupcakes cure everything, and men are like tissues. One use only."

"He's the creation and the rapture. Every good and bad thing all wrapped up into one. And now, after all these years, he may just be my resurrection."


Published by Bewitched Reader