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I love catching up with the Sullivan clan.

This is a novella about two of the California Sullivans', Ryan and Zach. They were in two of Bella's books in the Sullivan Series.

Zach: If You Were Mine: Zach Sullivan's story.

Ryan: Let Me Be The One: Ryan Sullivan's Story

They are only a year apart in age and grew up extremely close, they did everything together until they both fell in love. After three years of being with their soul mates they are both ready to make it official and tie the knot. Without knowing it they both set their wedding dates for the same day.

When Zach announced it at the family Sunday dinner, Ryan stood up right after that and announced that he was getting married on the same day. They looked like they were going to go to blows over one of them changing the date. Their other siblings started laughing and said the answer was simple to them and neither of the two could figure out what they were talking about. They told them to have a double wedding.

Their mother did what she always did and told them to take their fiance's and talk about it. So they went into the garage (where all of their discussions happened). The other siblings were trying to see who was going to go and mediate to keep them from coming to blows. Sophie decided she would do the honors. But, instead of fooling with her brothers she went to the women instead. She asked them what they thought of the idea of a double wedding and they both liked the idea. Sophie told the boys to stand down that it was decided that they would have a double wedding.

We get to catch up on most of the Sullivan's and see who has babies and how everyone is doing. It is a great catch up book that is for sure. If you have not read the Sullivan series you can still read this novella but it would be better to have read the series up to date with this book at least. So you will know who all of the people are.

Bella, this was an amazing book and I love getting to go back and catch up on the whole family to see how everyone is. I hope you are able to do that again in the future. I look forward to the next book as well.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you are able to grab this book and read about the wedding of the century with all of the happiness and love that it has along with a few surprises during the wedding.

If you would like to read this book here is a link you can get your copy today.

Every Beat of My Heart: A Sullivan Wedding

Until next time: Happy Reading.

Published by Donna Morrison