“Every moment has its worth.” Within this simple quote lies everybody’s success. There are many types of people- ones who hold onto their past and never live in the present, also those who regret what they did and try to control their present in order to protect themselves from the hurt and also those who are reside in the plans made for the future. All the of these people require only this simple thought in life to let go of the past and the pains. Easy to say, not to do. But even the most impossible tasks are possible with the belief.

Believe, it’s possible and half the problem is solved. Okay, now imagine you had a really bad day, your exam went like crap and you felt irritated the whole day. Believe that this was for the best. Maybe if you hold onto you will learn a lesson for life, or maybe you will come to know the reality. So that crap situation was also a lesson for you.
And now imagine a very beautiful morning, with people wishing you a very happy morning and you get a fresh hot cup of coffee. You’ll seriously feel awesome, this teaches you how you can still be happy noticing the small things in life.
So life is surely giving you more reasons everyday to cherish a beautiful thing called life… So enjoy it. Love it. And make sure you notice these small beauties in the world. 

Published by Vrushali Pathak