Life is going great in all areas!  I am very aware of the power of intention and the focus that brings chaos!  So, life is grand.  I found new inspiration yesterday when something was not going quite the way I would have liked, but, then, I do not know it is all going to turn out, and I have tried to give up worrying because it is fruitless and it puts the focus on what I do not want.

Many of you are aware of a book by Dr. Keith Jordan called The Practice.  Written in 2011, it is something that I actively practice and participate in a weekly group to live The Practice.  So when the worrisome object appeared, I decided that I was not going to focus on it.  Rather, last night, I reread The Practice, and it worked.  I have totally let the shit go and have given it over to a higher power.  It works.  Sure, it has taken a lot of “practice”, but it works.  

You see, I know everything will be ok, and I know that I am well into a very large transformation, which all of us will experience in our own time.  What I did not think about was that my “feelings” took over and created the worry.  And, according to my own philosophy, God will take care of me, and I will get through this latest worry with or without anxiety; that choice is mine.  And I choose to “practice”

Published by Janice Marie