How late did you stay up last night? Did you switch to Law and Order reruns at 10? Did you you catch the last five minutes sports at 11? Or were you with me, in hopes that by Midnight, the call would be made in Iowa and the votes would show what everyone is feeling, Bernie's revolution began.

If you expected a big fan fare and a crashing of cymbals, you would be sorely mistaken. That's not how this would ever work. Did you really think the Establishment would let Bernie steal their thunder, and by that I mean, do you think Hillary was going to step aside and say, "Hey I didn't do as well as I expected, but the process was flawed and I think Bernie may have a point"?

That was not to be, nor did I expect it, but I would have been happily surprised if it all worked out and Bernie thundered beyond a statistical tie. But somewhere in the early morning hours, reps for the Democrats figured out a way to doctor the vote to take a couple votes from Bernie and give them to Hillary so that they, the Iowa dems, didn’t have to bear the wrath of the Clinton War Machine that they failed to give her a win. That's the way the establishment works, and remember, "IT IS RIGGED"

Where I was last night, people were joking that Hillary was kicking Bill and saying, "Damn it Chelsea, take that baby somewhere else and stop her crying, I'm supposed to be winning here, you told me it was MY turn Bill." And true to form, Hillary in a nervous wide eyed panic wandered on stage somewhere after 11 in the middle of Cruz' s victory speech and started shouting at the crowd with her forced smile and wide eyes that have been perfectly parodied on Saturday Night Live so well, saying, "I'm progressive, I care, People like me! Really!" It would have been so much worse for Bernie,  if she hadn't declared victory an hour before because then it could have looked like, "OH wow, she doesn't have her finger on the scale, she didn't fire her powder early, knowing she had double secret votes piled up in Davenport that she knew she was gonna get, cause she paid for them last week."  But in a rigged system they don’t hand the reigns over nicely and they do not walk into elections without taking out some insurance on their “free and open” elections.

But what you saw in Iowa last night, if you stayed up, was a panicked Establishment and a Disgruntled Revolution, a few magnanimous comments from Trump and a thoroughly humbled, but clueless as ever Ted Cruz. I'm sorry we didn't get to hear O'Malley but I get why he was ushered to the wings, when Hillary realized, the respect she failed to give Bernie all season long, by not even mentioning his name for the first 6 months, was coming back to bite her. And now she has a full fledged political rival where once there was only a loony old socialist from Vermont.

The revolution did begin last night in an incremental way,  but not the Boston Masacre way or the First shots fired at Fort Sumpter way, the was more of a knocking on the Palace door and asking to be let in, only to find that the Master of the House was taking a shower and could not come to the door. And that was the best Hillary could ask for, and the best Bernie was going to expect given his meteoric rise and the earth shaking ideas he brings forth. Anything more than a tie, would have scared the bejesus out of the establishment and the Democrats would have called some sort of Martial law over the primary to stop the bleeding before it got too out of hand.

And to make it seem that much more legitimate, they had to tip the scales to a more balanced picture before the morning news cycle. By sunrise, Hillary had a few more votes than Bernie and a tentative balance was restored, if only until New Hampshire.  But the Establishment didn't get established without a way to keep things smelling pretty when they start to really get foul. And so today, Hillary is asking "what the hell happened?" and Bernie is saying "what do we do next?"

But We the People, we need to know a few simple truths. 1) America will survive and there is no need to panic when elections don't go as planned. 2) The system is rigged, so don't expect this thing we are trying to do to happen overnight and 3) The Revolution is started when a guy from Vermont  who was pulling 5% a few months ago and for all intents and purposes, managed to unseat the coronation of the Queen who has been planning for Iowa since she walked out of the White House in 1998.

The fact that The Bern tied Hillary last night is a testament to the strength of the movement. She has had Fourty years to prepare for last night, and something like $150 Million. She had every elected official telling her that she was the heir apparent for Obama and that all she had to do was put on the crown. And a bunch of MIllennials with their Instagram and their Cell Phones, who never ever voted before in their life, walked into a Gym last night through the "Blizzard" that was supposed to scare everyone off, stood up, raised their hands and did what it took Hillary almost a half a century to put together.  That my friends is a Revolution I can get behind. Now, On to New Hampshire.

Published by Christopher Richard