So after my last blog I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who read it and got in touch with me, all of your messages were truly kind and heart-warming. The reason I wrote the piece in the first place was because it was something that was current for me, however, I never realised how much others would relate to it. This was an eye opener for myself to understand that there are many girls out there feeling the way I feel, whether it be the same type of story or not, girls are still struggling with how to love themselves despite what are deemed as ‘flaws’. I previously had no intention to write another blog related to this issue, however after posting it and hearing from others I started to come across other blogs and websites that talked about these issues. Of course, as always, this is something I wanted to share with you all.

in that moment something clinked in my head

Like I said before I would scroll down my Instagram looking for my ‘thinspiration’ which would just end up making me feel like crap and hating myself more. Since my post I have deleted those accounts that did nothing but the above for me and instead I accidentally came across a video of a women called Iskra Lawrence. I had seen Iskra before so her familiarity lead me to take a little nosy at her Instagram page. Three words, OH MY GOD. Iskra is a UK model, who is not like the usual skinny perfect models we see plastered around social media. She was gorgeous, with curves and an ass to die for. When I looked into her profile more I found out that all of her photos are untouched and she is an absolute champion of body diversity! With every picture she shared she continued to inspire me more and more and in that moment something clinked in my head. This is my idea of beautiful. She made me feel amazing and made me feel so proud of the body I had, which is such a far cry away from the usual after effects of an Insta stalk.



I was always aware somewhere in my head about the unrealistic ideals that the media feds to us as every front magazine cover etc is retouched.  Ehh duhhh, of course what we are seeing is fake, but in the time you are flicking through these images your conscious mind immediately goes into action comparison and you forget that what you are seeing isn’t how these people look, nor anyone else at that matter. Iskra started off with rejections saying she was too big to model, then saying she was not big enough when she went to plus sized modeling, this is when she started her journey of self-acceptance. She is now one of the best known curvier models in the world (HOLLAH), and in true BEY like fashion she is using this platform to inspire women around the world by working with some top companies and organisations. Iskra has also created RunwayRiot, an online platform which attempts to help women of all ages to find their inner confidence and unique style. The website shows all different kinds of beautiful women in many shapes and sizes, has great articles that are both current and inspirational as well as beauty and style tips to help you along the way. I am loving learning about this issue and reading the great articles that are available, as not only is it interesting but it is aiding me on my own journey of self-acceptance.

I am so glad that I have thrown the old Insta accounts I used to follow away and found a women and a platform that truly inspires you to be yourself and to love all of yourself. She is my new role model, something which I am proud to say! So in the words of Iskra “I may not be perfect, but I am enough, because perfect does not exist, but being you is ALWAYS the best you can be”.

Check Iskra out on all of her platforms, I have linked you all below! I hope she offers you the same she gifted me.

Lots of Love



Runway Riot Website





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