Pooping... such a gross topic for some, but it is true, everybody does it! In some way, shape or form everybody poops. Now there may be a few circumstances that someone may not actually do it, but that's a different story. It is a natural body function. You have to eliminate solid waste from your body, and unless you like to throw up everything (not recommended or endorsed) pooping is the way to go! 

Most people who know me will tell you that I have a pooping issue. Anything can trigger my guts to bubble and send me high tailing it to the restroom. I call myself the play dough maker! In one end and directly out the other. It doesn't matter what I eat, sometimes I can't even make it through a meal without having to leave the table to hit the restroom.

Anxiety wreaks havoc on my stomach and digestive system!! Fight or Flight type of situations. Being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic with no escape, when traveling especially when flying or boarding cruise ships (I've almost shit my pants 2 different times getting on a cruise! LOL 

Nervous stomach hits me at very inopportune times!!! One time in the airport with my girlfriends, we popped into a bar to have a bagel and mimosas before heading to the plane for Florida. We had a few drinks then decided it was time to go through security. We got all the way down to the security line and my guts dropped! With wide eyes, I looked up at my girls and said: "I'm gonna shit my pants!" They asked me if I was able to make it through security, the answer was: "Abso-fucking-lutely NOT! It's IMPORTANT!!!!" I went to the first security guard I could find and asked where the closest restroom was, they proceeded to direct me to what felt like a 40-acre mule ride away from that very spot. I grabbed my bags and booked it as fast as I could, but cheeks clenched so tight I was surprised I was able to walk. When I got to the restroom, it was a mad dash to wipe off the seat, put a cover on it (YES that is necessary!!!) and get my pants down to hover all while still trying to not shit my pants. It became a scene from Dumb and Dumber, the force was too strong and I had to take a seat on my freshly covered toilet seat.    After a few minutes, I was on empty and it was safe to head back to the security line. When my girlfriends finally saw my coming through the security line and were laughing just as hard as I was. If I had waited in that line I would have for sure shit my pants and NO ONE wants to be sitting on a plane after an accident like that! 

That brings me back to everybody poops... When I started as a BeachBody Coach, I began drinking a daily shake dense with nutrition. It's called Shakeology. I loved them! They made my skin brighter and clearer, and even made my hair and nails healthier and grow faster. There was another added bonus that I wasn't expecting. It has added on to my already "regular" pooping cycle. I have  a very regular poop schedule as it is, but Shakeology definitely makes sure you get at least one good poop in a day! Shakeology combined with proper water intake for your body weight will help you eliminate waste daily. 

There are a lot of people out there who have issues with pooping every day. (P.S. I would be MISERABLE if I couldn't take at least one good dump a day!! UGH can't even imagine it!) Having troubles pooping, grab a shake and shake the shit out, literally! 

Shit Happens!... So let it! 

Published by Ashley Cooper