Since the Turkish invasion in 1974 Cyprus remains divided in two parts. Crossing the so-called Green Line is possible 24/7 and at a total of seven crossing points, one of which is situated in the “last divided capital”, Nicosia, where passing from one side to the other feels especially surreal. In the middle of the touristic center of the city, streets packed with expensive boutiques and fast food restaurants, we found ourselves queuing in front of several police checkpoints to show our passports. Afterwards begins the short but intense walk through the empty streets of the UN buffer zone, where time stands still since the seventies and buildings rot away slowly but steadily. This experience gives a strong impression of the islands great struggle.
What’s also quite noticeable, is, that while the Republic with its immense tourism business is incredibly modern and expensive, northern Cyprus remains more untouched of development.

During our stay for three weeks we visited both parts of the island, with the aim to hike, trek and camp. We came to walk, basically. It wasn’t always an easy task to find a spot to set up the tent, since we decided to walk along the coast, where all the massive hotels and private beaches also are. Most of the time we managed though to find a place to sleep and even discovered hidden paradise inside bamboo forests and at tiny untouched beaches.

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Published by Lena and William Sikker