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As I recall from my grandparents and parents, my birth was rather filled with joy and happiness around. The Nurse could not decide whether the baby was a boy or a girl; and this made everyone laugh their wits off.

My family told this to me many years back. I visualized the hospital ward, the nurse carrying me, a tensed father walking past the lobby, a mother with agonizing pain and a sister who sat on one of the chairs, worried; And then, how the Nurse mistook me for a girl, how everyone was worried of bringing up two girl children from a middle class family. I can visualize the smile they had when they realized I was a boy!

In those times, having two girl children would pressurize the family. People even prayed for not having girl child in their homes. The costs associated with bringing up a girl child, educating her and getting her married to a good family were huge. A normal middle class family could not afford it. So they were afraid. These reasons even led to families dropping off their girl child before birth and after birth as well. Humanity suffered.

And now, may I ask you three simple questions?

  • Has the situation changed from those times?
  • Are girl children treated the same from their boy counterparts?
  • Are they given the same rights and freedom like their brothers?

To some extent, we can say we do have positive answers to these questions. But there’s much more to this than what we know now; and only Time will tell us that story.

What are your thoughts? Share it below! :)

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