The last bank holiday Monday of 2016 has now come and gone and so has the excuses for not sticking to plan. Its far to easy these days when your balancing a busy work, family and social life to make excuses and think….. “I’ll start again Monday” or, “one weekend off wont hurt!” The truth is, i actually agree with some of this in principle however, it does come back to the old saying of……

“everything in moderation” is OK

I am a great advocate of this saying and ultimately, have lived my life by this since I can remember. The thing is, for the time I have been focusing on trying to get fit I have always thought it should be enjoyable and with enjoyment at times means you deserve to reward your hard work with a treat every now and then. This can be a night out with the lads, meals with the Mrs, or maybe just a cheeky bar of chocolate when sitting in front of the telly. The simple facts are, the more you eat food or drink alcohol, the worse your health, weight and general energy levels will be. This isn’t scaremongering nor is it propaganda, it is a fact of life. The more vegetables you eat, the more exercise you do, the more water you drink, the healthier you will become. I really struggle to understand it when people who are overweight then turn round and say, “i don’t know how i let this happen!” YES YOU DO! Take a look at your daily intake – food choices – activity levels and it will be staring you in the face.

So, what can we do about it……?

Easy – everything in moderation is OK! Moderation means exactly that! Use what you enjoy to treat yourself, reward an achievement. There are lots of ways to become active, even just taking a 30 min walk each day will help get the heart rate pumping and the metabolism going to aid in your goal to becoming a healthier you. I have a boxing bout coming up in three months time which might sound extreme to some of you and i dont for one minute suggest you do the same. Maybe start small, aim to walk 5K, aim to run 1 mile, start small and build up! If you are looking for some help, why not check out an online trainer / plan? I have used No More Bolics (you might have seen my earlier posts) but this is a good way to get some meal plans whilst at the same time understanding what food you can eat. You will be surprised at the amount of food you can eat when eating healthier whilst at the same time loosing weight!

Take a look – get active and most of all enjoy the new you!

“its never too late to be what you might have been! George Elliot

Published by Chris Wright