My Baked Goods now has a logo! Yay! I created it in Adobe Illustrator with the help of some tutorials (since I am a bit rusty) and this is the result:


What you also might have noticed is that I redesigned the look of the website. I liked my old theme but it was a bit darker than I wanted and it was blowing up my photos so they looked very blurry. I like the new look. It probably still needs some tweaking but I am fairly happy with it. The only downside is there is a lot more I have to do to get a post visible, but I think that should be okay. I love pink and it thought it would be fitting for the site to reflect that.

Speaking of pink, I made some very pink cupcakes this week. I tried to create Neapolitan style cupcakes but this is apparently easier said than done. I wanted to make the cupcakes on Monday but I forgot my new piping bag and scale at work (yay I finally have a scale), so I waited until Tuesday. I started when I got home from gym by making my usual vanilla cupcake recipefirst, but I only used half of it. When I was done making the batter, I had to make dinner first, so it gave the batter a chance to rest first. While everything was boiling, bobbing, frying and defrosting, I started with the chocolate mixture. I haven’t made chocolate cupcakes before so there was a bit of figuring out to do, but I managed. My biggest issue with these two batters were that they are very reluctant to get off my spoon and into the liners. I ended up adding too much batter, because my cupcakes kind of went over the liners, but as the Afrikaans saying goes, “‘n boer maak ‘n plan”  (it basically means thinking on your feet) so I just placed the cupcakes in bigger liners that will hide the fact that they are flowing over. Then came the nightmare of my evening: the icing. I have gone from having icing that is not stiff enough to icing that is too stiff. It was so stiff I couldn’t even get it out of the bag without having my arms feel like they are going to fall off. So I was having a constant battle of getting it right. So my new piping bag has one problem: all the tips are fairly small. So if I quickly want to fill a cupcake, they aren’t really the way to go, so it was a long hard process getting the cupcakes covered. Eventually I used one of my old ones but it seems that I might have used one that is too big, because now I was getting icing that looks like fat snakes coming out. So after struggling for hours I got all the cupcakes covered but I wasn’t happy with how I did the icing so I decided to bombard them with flowers, butterflies and stars. I think this helped. People still seem to like them. I didn’t manage to get the nice layers that I wanted, but for a first try it didn’t go too badly.

I have a new idea for the cupcakes in a jar that I want to try, so on Monday I bought two plastic smoothie cups and some round cookie cutters. I want to see if they will work out better (and the packaging is a lot cheaper). They have one small issue: the straw opening at the top, but my solution for this is I want to have stickers made with my new logo (thanks to my fiancé for the idea) and stick it over them. I still need to find something pretty to tie the spoons with. Hopefully I can get around to the test run sometime soon. A friend might be able to do the stickers for me. I also saw that Woolworths has cheaper wooden spoons than the ones I bought. Will tell you guys more about this venture at a later date.

Pricing is still something I am struggling to figure out since sometimes I use “fancier” ingredients that cost more, so that cupcake I need to charge more for, but I am worried now that people won’t like that some of the cupcakes are more expensive than the others. I think it will just be something I figure out as I go along.

I have been struggling with the lighting when taking the photos so I tried something else. I moved my setup to the kitchen and added a lamp and a mirror and I think it really made a difference. I think perhaps this is a preferred method. Will see after I am done editing the photos if it works.

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