Everything Started from a Scratch

Certainly many years have gone that people from people wanted to grow their family into a one happy and very prosperous family but everything comes from the scratch. Scratch is meant that it is a new opportunity to start a new beginning and start a new life where everything is fresh and everything is yet to be written on a piece of paper.

This couple I have known came from a prosperous clan yet decided to live independently from their parents. Both were young and valiant about what could life would bring to them. Everything was new to them until they knew what kind of life outside the four walls of the house. Everything was drastic. Everything was deeply in a struggle. There were sleepless nights and even tiresome days that made their whole year of the relationship hit like a whirlwind. A whirlwind of chaos, sadness, laughter, tears and joy but everything went well after both of them have synchronized the rhythm of life. It really takes two to tango and it made a realisation that marriage is indeed a holy sacrament that should be blessed not only by the parents but the whole family as well.

Family is the main unit of the community, without it a country is not built, a clan is not nurtured a child is not being born. Without a child, a family is not called as a family. When everything is so uncertain, you can count on everyone not only your biological family might as well as the community where you belong. That is where love and care has been nurtured. It is nurtured into very fine young lads that no matter how many dirt or rain that come into their life, there are still people who wants to value what they have, and it is Family.

People strive to live to have their own family, people strive to be the kind of person they want to be and make an influence unknowingly to their surroundings because of their achievements in life. The struggles they have been through made them, stronger, made them bolder and made them into a very courageous person they ever want to be. That courage made them unique, made them wiser and made them braver to face the coming days of their life.

Family is just a unit but as a whole, it is a complete example of what life should be. It is a unit where there is camaraderie and helping out what is the best for their own and for the rest of its members. A family stands strong when everyone strives hard to be united as one, when everything strives hard to be the person they want to achieve in life and be a good example on the next generation.

Just like any other storm, a family is beaten with obstacles and there comes a sunshine that will light up every day of their life. After a fight, there is a smile and a giggle like nothing has happened. Family is family no matter what it takes, no matter how far away they are, no matter how distant they are, they still look for those familiar faces that they use to know.

Undocumented or not, we can still see those familiar faces around us. It might be you or me or the person sitting next to you or the person you just saw on the rail way or through a bus stop or just the other side of the street. You might never know it could just start from a simple gathering or for a simple cup of ice cream.

It all started from a simple gathering of friends on a fine afternoon when the sun was so hot during summer. Friends laughed and kids play hide and seek. When everyone was famished, the young group of friends decided to buy an ice cream, called Magnolia Ice cream Flavoured as ube. The kids really liked it when one of them asked for His favourite ube flavour.

Since then, Ice cream has been the greatest dessert for everyone. Not knowing that this favourite ice cream was the start of all the history ever told, the born of a child called Darrcream.

Before she was born, her parents started to work on a Pharmacy. His father was a very tall, young Lad from the Paez Family, a family of great Poise that comes from a mix of Spanish and Chinese clan who never gives up on pursuing positivism about life. The Paez Family was known as the wealthiest clan in the province of Tuburan. It never thought that the father of Darrcream was a very obedient, friendly and smiling young boy. He has no complaints about his job and was very respectful on every people he met including at work.

On the other side, her mom was a young, petite, brave woman from Mindanao who wants to explore outside the walls of her home, the Delfin Family. She tried to pursue her one of the closest sister Ate Jojie to come to Cebu and look for a job of her own, little did they know that from a one fine afternoon their paths have crossed. Everything was new to them as they explored together the realm of life. They started as beginners and have grown into a very wise couple. As a couple, they were accommodating and very friendly to their workers and neighbours, until they knew suddenly a baby was coming on the way.

The father was very shocked and anxious about the news until one night he had finally decided to marry his partner. Since everything was new to them, everything was a scratch. They started to buy clothes for the baby and everyone was very excited on the coming of the female baby. Without an aid, they started their little family with a lot of hard work and a lot of sacrifice. There were misunderstandings between the couple yet, it was resolved right there and then through an ice cream.

Not until the coming of her 1st birthday, everyone gathered and everyone was singing and laughing.

The joy of having a baby in the family, reunites the old and new friends alike no matter what status they come from and what age they belong. Gatherings are important to reconnect the old and new ones no matter what circle of life they come from. This is true when everyone seemed like there is no hope in life and when everyone feels like there is no tomorrow.

A child brings hope to every parent to continue life and to strive hard for the family. When there is a child in the family, it brings joy and laughter. It brings a new hope that there is a lot of more to live by, a life that needs to be taken care of and a life that brings happiness to every child in every community.


Published by Jessel Paez