In every moment of your life, things that are surrounding you are falling into their purpose just as you are. Every day we are so focused on ourselves to ever worry about what is around us, and what those things are doing.

Well just as a leaf that brushes against the green grass while you were outside enjoying Gods creation; was meant to fall in that exact place to fulfill your sight with the feeling you received while watching that leaf fall. At that particular moment that same leaf fulfilled a feeling that can be explained but that is unexplainable to those whom don’t understand what it is you are experiencing. Whether it relief, amazement, calming connection or even wonder. This moment will become just a small memoire. And when you capture things similar to this situation those times will always bring you back to the first leaf you saw fall.

Every single thing surrounding us is in motion just as we are; has purpose just as we do. Just as if you are driving in a car watching as you by pass all the things you think are still in place. Those too are moving or was moved in order to fit the scene you were meant to see. Painting a particular scene that was meant for you at that time.

So don’t always feel as if what you are doing, or moving towards is more important than anything else surrounding you. Just as you are getting where need be, so is everything else. Am I the only one whom sees the beauty in that? Everything has purpose, even a simple leaf.

God bless you!!

Published by Cierra Nicole Crews