It has been quite a while since I have posted on here (and on my blog for that matter...shame on me...), but I have had some health issues and a serious case of mental block.  Words don't exactly flow to my fingers as easily as they used to, so it can be a bit of a challenge to write an article that passes my analytical scrutiny.

But let's run with that for a second.  What if someone were to tell you that everything you are currently doing right now is wrong.  What if you had some grand scheme or plan on how to make the world a better place, only to have a complete outsider come and tell you that it doesn't work that way and that your plan is incorrect.  What would you do?

Most people would shutter in disappointment, and give up on whatever great idea they have for society.  "If they say it's not going to work, why bother??"  That seems to be the basic response that most people would probably have.

I have been mulling over this for the past couple of months.  My blog is focused solely on the vapers out in the world, to find the inspiration for the next flavor to try and hopefully get them off of cigarettes for the rest of their lives.  It's a challenge, and it's an inspiration to the companies and the customers as a way to see what all is on the market today.  

However, I keep thinking to myself that this will never work.  It's going to become stagnant and people are not going to want to come back and read these articles.  Going back to what I said earlier, the thought becomes "if it's not going to work...why bother??"

I have been inspired recently by a series of videos I found on YouTube called OffCamera.  The premise is this guy has interviews with famous celebrities in a relaxed, gloves off, candid fashion.  The video is shot in black and white, with no pressure whatsoever to the guests.  It reminds me a lot of what my webcast turned into earlier this year, and that is a relaxed interview format with juice manufacturers.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, the audience has not been nearly what it used to be.  That was disappointing to say the least.  The question had crossed my mind several times about "why bother??"

In these interviews, Sam sat down with Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters in what has been one of the more inspiring people in my life.  I have followed Foo Fighters since the first time "This Is A Call" dropped on the airwaves and have not stopped listening since.  As I grew from a teenager in middle school to a thirty-something adult that I am now, I feel like I have grown at the same time as Dave.  He has kids, a family, a supreme legacy with Nirvana and the countless other bands/projects he has performed in.  Now, he has a certain degree of maturity of someone who has not let the fame go to his head.  He is always the fan boy to his idols and has always expressed sincere gratitude to everything that has happened to him.

During the interview, the topic came up of how he performs.  How on earth does Dave go from being one of the lead drummers in a groundbreaking alternative rock group to being a guitar player and lead singer?  How did he play all of the instruments AND sing on the Foo Fighters debut album?

"I've never taken lessons to learn how to play the drums.  I learned how to do it sitting on my bed, listening to Rush records.  I have only taken one drum lesson, and the guy said "How do you hold your sticks??  No...that's not how you do it.

I wound up playing guitar the way I do it, I don't know what any of the chords are.  I just...I know the basic chords....but I look at the guitar strings like a drumset.  The lower strings are a kick-snare pattern..."

 To be someone who has carved their own path with no disregard to structure or "how you are supposed to do it", who's to say that nobody else can achieve that same goal?  I mean, sure there are some things you can't change...but who's to say you have to do the same as everybody else??

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