Hey guys I'm back again!

So like any other teenage girl in the world, my phone is pretty much glued to my hand like 90 percent of the time. And when I get bored I find myself flipping through the same four apps, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Well today, something happened on my beloved Instagram app and I knew I had to tell you guys about it.

I'm sure by now you've heard about that Alton Sterling guy from Louisiana that got shot by those police officers and everyone and their grandmother is rioting about. I'm just going to touch a bit on this because I have a lot to say but this post isn't about that. Firstly, it's obvious that this Sterling guy was doing something to cause these officers to approach him. Secondly, we only get to see a 50 second clip of this whole thing, something could've happened before. Finally, yes, the officers were out of line. They probably didn't have to shoot this guy and I'm praying for his family to get through this. But POLICE OFFICERS DON'T USE THEIR GUNS UNLESS THEY HAVE A REASON TO. I personally know quite a few cops and they all tell me that they are trained not to use their guns unless they absolutely 100 percent cannot get the situation under control any other way.

With that said I was scrolling through Instagram today and I see this picture, well actually I saw two. I won't say who posted them, but one was this cartoon/drawing thing of a police badge and the hands of what is obviously supposed to be an officer washing the blood off of his hands. The other was just the hashtag Alton Sterling. And thus was born this post. I don't usually hate on social media apps because I just don't see the point. But today things got out of hand and it really annoyed me.

First of all, why do all these little kids have Instagram accounts? I can tell you that a lot of my followers seem to be little middle school or maybe even elementary school age kids. When I was that age I was concentrating on making sure I got to watch the new SpongeBob episode and getting the newest outfits from Limited Too (if you remember that store you're a real one). However, social media wasn't even a thing when I was a kid. We had this thing called 'the outdoors' instead which was much cooler. I just don't get why these little kids need social media right now at this second. Can't they at least wait until they get into high school.

Secondly, why do all these little kids insist on arguing with me about things they don't know anything about? Like today when I commented on those two pictures, I got cursed out by a twelve year old! Um excuse me didn't your parents ever teach you to respect your elders? Why don't you go back to playing dress up and let the adults talk. Seriously, all these little kids are dropping the F-bombs at me when I'm just trying to state my opinion. Back off munchkins, I have things to say.

Also, why are all these little girls taking pictures with barely any clothes on? YOU. ARE. A. CHILD. Let's be honest, no one should post pictures half naked. But especially not these little kids. I don't understand. Just post a normal, twelve year old selfie with some cute emojis. Don't act like a 35 year old model.

Oh and don't get me started on the comments on celebrities pictures. Have you ever clicked on the comments on a Justin Bieber or Harry Styles pic? Do you read some of the things people say?! I won't get into it because those comments have scarred me for life and I'm still trying to forget the things I have read on some pictures.


Instagram is a great app don't get me wrong, and I love it. I love seeing what my friends are up to and what the celebrities I follow are up to without being in Los Angeles or wherever they are. I love love love Instagram, but there are, like on any other social media app, things that get on my nerves and things I could do without that would make my hours of endless scrolling much more enjoyable.

K guys, that's all I have for today! Until next time!!
-xxx, dallas

Published by Dallas Gomez