The car park line marking system is quintessential for efficient parking. This not only frees space for additional parking but also enhances safety on the roads by preventing parking on roadways.  However, this parking space is an aspect that most of us overlook. Without proper underlines and markings, the cars tend to occupy a lot of space due to irregular parking. This leaves no room for other cars to be parked, and ultimately resulting in parking on the road. Whether you are concerned about optimizing the parking space or aspire to have a well-designed area for cars, then marking is the best available solution.

The common parking line indicators that are installed include:

  • Non-slip surfaces that are present outdoors
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Car parking bays
  • Delivery markings

Colour Scheme for Car Park Line Marking

The overall appearance of the lines is influenced by the type of paint and colour that is selected. Though yellow remains to be a traditional option, blue has managed to gain immense popularity, especially in shopping malls. Each colour represents a particular meaning, and based on the need and spatial arrangements, the colours have to be selected.  Moreover, there are some stencils, guidelines and legal shape and size requirements that you need to look prior to selecting the colour.

There are four different types of colours used for car park line marking and these are explained below:

  • Bi-coloured (Red and White): These colours indicate reserved parking areas, which can be used from morning to evening on weekdays and until late night on weekends or public holidays. Apart from this, there are parking spaces meant for short-term visitors who can park within the boundary marked by the supplementary lines present near the bi-coloured area.
  • All White Lines: The all white lines are usually meant for visitors or those looking for short-term parking. Most the signboards that are present in the entrance of the car parking area indicate this for the convenience of visitors.
  • Yellow Marking Lines: The yellow lines denote the restricted zone, where people have to pay a parking fee. These lines are wider, and one can easily notice them without any complications.

Reasons to Hire Professionals for Car Park Line Markings

By now, you must have realized that there is a lot that goes into a good car park line marking system. This can be achieved efficiently with the help and expertise of a certified professional. Still not sure about the idea of hiring them for the job? Here are the four reasons that will help you realize their importance.

  • Line Marking Equipment: Marking a large space is not a simple task.  This is why professionals are ideal as they are equipped with advanced tools and machines that allow them to complete the work in a short period. Some of the common equipment that is used include line marking machines, pre-formed thermoplastic lines, and line marking guns.
  • Adherence to the Code: According to the general code of car park line marking system, the line must be about 15 inches long and 4 inches wide in addition, the paint that is used for this purpose can be either be latex-based or alkali-based. A professional company ensures that they abide by the standard code of conduct and provides the results that you are looking for seamlessly.

Hence, when it comes to the best car park line marking never forget to hire a diligent professional to achieve the best results.

Published by Alyssa Moylan