A coven is a group of witches who have come together to form a pack. The witches in this group will often be close friends, and may see each other as family. You can find a coven in your area or you can make your own, though it will be small and nonprofessional.

Covens will often do spells together and help each other master their witchcraft skills or preform difficult spellcraft. Covens can be composed of very similar witches who united based on their common paths, or of dissimilar witches for many reasons; if it is a small homegrown coven, then it's very likely that the witches will be vastly different in their practices (this isn't a bad thing if you're satring a coven! This is actually very good because now you can learn form each other and have many different strengths!). Sometimes, if covens want more members, they will post listings on websites for more members in their area, or for more digital witches, covens can be completely digital! This is common among technopagans and some chaotes if their practicing friends are far away.

Covens are often led by one or two witches that are the most powerful or experienced, but leadership roles can vary from only preparing spells, being the endsay, being the tiebreaking vote, or just to making sure everyone comes together. There are many variations of leadership roles in covens, and it depends on how much say members get in the final decision.

If you want to join a pre-existing coven, you can check out local listings on WitchVox, or ask your pagan friends if they have a coven. If you want to make your own and want some help, feel free to message people for advice (my email is always open!), and lastly, it's perfectly alright if you don't want to join a coven, they're not for everyone and one can be perfectly happy practicing as a solitary witch! Do you have a coven or had a run in with one? Comment down below! Good luck and Happy Crafting!

Published by Kalaeo Nox