Glace fruit has different names. Some people refer to it as crystallized fruit. Others call it candied fruit. Regardless of the name, a lot of people enjoy eating it. It is also not a new process. People have placed fruit for a long time, but it remains a popular preservation method.

The flexibility of this fruit is one of the reasons why it is still popular. You can eat them as snacks. You can also place them in desserts such as cakes. Whether you are baking for your guests, or you are running a business, using glace fruit is a great idea.

Glace fruit is the same as crystallized fruit, but different from frosted fruit. While glace fruit uses sugar syrup, frosted fruit has a sugar coating. The entire process though is similar up until the last step. Both preservation processes include picking the fruit, washing it, peeling and drying.  

There are different types of fruits people glace. Usually, manual preservation results in the best glace fruit. These days though, most fruits prepared commercially involve machines. The fruit goes through an automated process, from peeling until packing. You can choose which type of fruit you wish to eat. Almost any kind of fruit can go through this process, except fruit containing lots of water like strawberries and watermelon. The product might not be as good as other types of fruits.

Choosing the best option

The first step is to identify which fruit you want to eat. After determining the fruit, find out which store offers that particular glace fruit. Read reviews to find out if they can give you the best glace fruit. Again, due to the different processes involved in preparing the fruit, the results are not always the same. Even with the same fruit, the taste could be a bit different.

You should also know where the suppliers get their fruit. Locally sourced fruit tastes great. After harvesting, preservation immediately follows. It helps to retain the nutrients found in fruit. It also keeps the fruit fresh, unlike the fruit that came from remote areas. By the time it reaches the manufacturer for preservation, the fruit is not fresh anymore. Other suppliers can offer Halal and Kosher certified glace fruit. You can check the labels to find out.

Eat in moderation

You can use glace fruit for making desserts, or you can eat it as snacks. Either way, you should eat in moderation. These fruits are high in sugar. Apart from the natural sugar that exists in the fruit, the fruit also undergoes a sugar-coating process. The artificial sweeteners used can pose health risks. The good thing is that this is preserved fruit, so you don't need to finish the entire bag immediately. You can seal it again and use it some other time. You can also choose the right fruit with the highest possible nutrients so that you won't feel guilty eating the glace fruit as a snack or in desserts.


Published by Zachary McGavin