1979 saw an Aussie songwriter launch a popular song ‘Everything Old is New Again.’ If there was a song for plantation shutters, that song would be it. The window decors have returned and established themselves as a must-have accessory for balconies, porches, patios, and verandas. A plantation shutter is a window treatment type made of wood mounted on a solid frame. Typically, the shutter is manipulated using a tilt rod that is normally hidden in the middle or at the back of the shutter.

The shutters provide an excellent solution to heating; they keep your home warm and allow you privacy. What is more, the shutters give your outdoors and indoors a classical sophistication without affecting privacy. For the shutters, the louvered sections can be set outside or inside; whatever drives your fancy. However, the location will affect the final finish. For example, if the shutter is on the internal side of a bathroom, for example, it will need to be painted or waterproofed to keep it optimal. That said, here are six benefits of plantation shutters:

They are Long Lasting

Compared to other window accessories such as fabric drapes, plantation shutters will last a long time. They will not fade with time or exposure to sunlight, for example. Materials used to make the shutters are not only durable but they are also made such that they will not peel or warp. What is more, the shutters will always be in fashion, so unlike fabric drapes, you will not need to buy them every few years. In cases where a human error causes damage to the shutters, you will only need to replace the blades and not the mountings.

They are Easy to Clean

All you need to clean these shutters is a damp cloth that you wipe over the blades. You can also do routine dusting using a piece of dry cloth. Here, you save on the cost of cleaning curtains and drapes.

They are Comfortable

If you have your shutters custom made, they fit snugly into the support beams. This will mean that there would be no need for supporting hardware; things like drawstrings, valances, or curtain rods. Fitting shutters will allow more control over your windows as you can tilt the blade whichever way that tickles your fancy. Having this ability means that you can tweak your furniture and flooring to complement the windows and improve the beauty of the room.

Increased Security

Window shutters will add a layer of security to your house. If you like, you can have the shutters installed with a locking option that will make sure that trespassers and home invaders cannot get in. It is important to note that in some states, a locking option such as this one entitles you to a homeowner’s insurance discount.

Energy Savings

Plantation shutters also bring with them financial benefits such as saving on energy bills. The snug-fit ability in the shutters will mean that cold is kept out during winter and heat is regulated during summers. That way, without necessarily needing air conditioning, your rooms will stay comfortable all through the year.

A Touch of Elegance

Plantation shutters make your rooms appear larger. They occupy less space in the room and when they are properly designed, they make the room appear more spacious. Unlike with drapes, you are able to highlight other home décor elements such as portraits since you will have an open wall space. Bi-fold shutters blend easily with your décor, adding a touch of elegance to all the rooms in your house.

It may not be a straightforward benefit, but having a local company install your shutters can give you access to personalised services. They are able to take measurements and custom-make shutters for you. What is more, should there be any errors, they can easily be corrected. If you are in the market for new shutters or would like to know what options you have, contact your local plantation shutter specialist to learn more about how these shutters can work for you.

Published by Alice Queen