Sponsoring a child is something exceptionally fulfilling- for you, for the child, and for the whole community. By doing this, you give the child a chance to have a bright future. Your support provides them with food, clothing, school supplies, and personal hygiene items. People often have questions about how to approach the same. So, here is the answer to the most common questions about sponsoring:

What is Sponsorship

Sponsorship allows the sponsor to help and support a child in need through monthly contribution. These monthly contributions go towards providing necessities such as food, clothing, school supplies, and healthcare. This helps the child living in poverty, to overcome the barriers which keep them from attending school, getting the education, and succeeding in life.

What is the Role of a Sponsor

A sponsor plays the role of a friend, whose encouragement is priceless to the child. Indeed, most of the children value the relationship they establish with their sponsor as much as they value the financial support they receive.

For How Long You Can Sponsor a Child

Typically, when you sponsor a child for school, the sponsorship lasts until the child turns eighteen, graduates from high school, or moves away from the service areas.

How are Children Chosen for Sponsorship

There is no particular selection process for child sponsorship. The only requirement is that the children and their parents should be willing to take participate.

Who Most Directly Benefits from Your Financial Support

When you sponsor a child, the beneficiary of your financial support is the individual sponsored child which you choose. The family of the child receives an additional or indirect benefit from the sponsorship, but the main focus remains on the child only. The sponsorship organizations even provide programs with unique or individual needs which intend to address the particular need of the child such as, you can choose to sponsor a child for school, for healthcare, etc.

This child-focused approach to fight poverty is distinctly different from the broader community development approach.

How and When will you See the Difference Your Support is making

One of the prime benefits of sponsoring a child is being able to see the difference your support is making. Though, it will take some time, because the children in the sponsorship program are from areas affected by poverty. These areas are less likely to have schools and the opportunity for community development.

But it is incredibly rewarding when you see improvement in your sponsored child over time.

Published by Eric Foley