I bet your child is not little anymore and it has come to a point you want to buy him/her a good bike. If you are one of those people who usually want to ride with their children, then there’s a lot you are supposed to know before you buy a good kid’s bike. If you haven’t bike shopped for some time, there are several things you need to do to be sure you are getting the best bike. On how to buy a kid’s bike, read more on the subject on CuteLittleDarling.  In this brief, we are going to talk about all the things that you should know about kid bikes.

The types of kid’s bikes

This is the first thing that you should check. There are different bike types that you can go for depending on the age and the capability of the kid. If they are very little and they cannot be able to balance themselves, then you can at any time get balance bikes. If they are old enough, you can go for big kid’s bikes. Balance bikes can be bought for children as little as two years of age. In this regard, you also have to take the size of the bike into consideration. No matter how little the child is he /she wants to have their feet in the ground. The main reason is to be able to push the bike.

Balance bikes have done away with the need for training. You don’t have to worry about training and injuries because the bike already is balanced. Most of the kids grow to cycle bigger bikes from here.


Although most of the people don’t care much about gender when they are buying bikes, there are girls’ bikes and boys’ bikes. This is similar to men bikes and women bikes in the adult world. There are some of the manufacturers in the market who offer gender-specific bikes. However, there are several other companies out there who are making these bikes gender-neutral. However, gender may come in when you are concerned about the size and the color of the bikes. The good thing is that sizing and the color comes down to your child’s preferences.

Age and height

As a matter of fact, the age and the height of your kid may directly influence the type and the model of bike you go for. One mistake that most of the parents make is to use height as the only influencing factor when buying bikes. Although it has some influence, be careful, it may be a misleading indicator. Most of the online stores list their bikes to sell by age depending on the ease of use and the braking system which are included. What this means is that using age and height as an indicator is a wise decision. It makes you easily get a bike that suits your kid’s cycling and balance capabilities.


Today things are changing and there are some of the kid’s bikes that have hand brakes. Though, most of the traditional bikes have coaster brakes. The type of brakes you go for also depends on the age of the kid. For those kids above 4 years, you can get a bike with both coaster and hand brakes. The main reason for this is because their hands are not yet strong enough to hold hand brakes tightly but it’s actually a good thing to keep them practicing.

Kids bikes accessories

After purchasing the bikes, there are a couple of other accessories that will make their cycling life easier. Although most of the people haven’t adopted several accessories like most of the people would expect, some of them are still going down to the root. Now bikes are fitted with fenders. Besides that, consider PPE. You have to consider the clothes that your kid wear when ridding. There are several factors that you have to put in place to ensure the safety of your daughter or son while they are in the drive train. If you see your daughter wearing long skirts and dresses, then you need to first of all get chain guide. This is to prevent the instance of the chain getting the cloth. Beyond the accessories discussed above, there are several others that will make the bike more functional. You just have to take on a comprehensive observation to be sure of all the things that are needed on your child’s bike.

Ability and confidence

These two comes with age and experience and for that reason they shouldn’t be ignored. If you detect that your kid doesn’t have the ability to cycle bigger bikes or the confidence to balance, you can get them a balance bike until they get the confidence. The fact is that children learn to ride easily but it may take a lot of effort and investment. Most of the parents make the mistake of buying a bike that their kids will grow into. This makes sense financially but there is some negativity in it especially when it comes to the bike size, height and the age of the kid. When you are in the market looking for a good bike for your kid, you have to first of all know that not all the kids of the same age have the same capability. What this means is that it is imperative to assess your kid and make references when you are buying the bike.

Bike weight

I bet you cannot ride a bike that is more than half of your body weight. I can even imagine how hard it can be for a kid to do the same. Hence, when you are buying a bike, determine the weight that your kid can be able to handle. In most of the manufacturers, one of the most influencing factors considered when manufacturing is weight.

The above are some of the things that you need to know before you proceed with the process of buying a bike for your kids. There are several other small contributing factors such as the drive way, the traffic and many more that you have to bear in mind. 

Published by Julia Morison