I can remember as a teenager (yes, I can remember back that far) going to see Fats Domino.  His band came out and started to play and really no-one paid any attention.  While they played, everyone just sat around and talked.  Occasionally they looked at the stage, but really they were just background music.  Then Fats Domino came out.  The place went crazy even before he started to play.  People stood up and started to jump and dance.  A few even stood on the tables and danced.  Somehow, he created this excitement by simply entering the room.

    God wants that kind of response from us when we meet Him.  Too often we think of God and church as something that should be very quiet and subdued.  That is not His desire.  In Psalm 22:22 David declares, “I will declare thy name unto my brethren: in the midst of the congregation will I praise thee.”(KJV)  The Hebrew word for praise in this verse is ‘halal’ which means, to celebrate, to rave and to be clamorously foolish.  This does not sound quiet and subdued. 

    Maybe God does not want us to sit quietly.  Maybe He wants us to celebrate and show how much we love Him.  When we meet old friends we often celebrate with a party, why not the same when we meet with God?

Published by Ray Richards