Adventures in Poor Taste continues to look at the most intriguing new graphic novel series’ out there.

Lucas Stand is a story about travelling through time, hunting a demon.  After giving the first two issues perfect scores, the third issue is not quite at the same level.

Another new series to keep an eye on is Jeff Lemire’s Black Hammer, a look at a group of superheroes who have been wiped out of existence by the latest major event in their comic universe.  The second issue takes some significant criticism but still scores a solid 7.5 score.

Throwaways is a story about a duo who realize they have been the subject of human experiments from the mysterious group ULTRA.  The second issue is strongly praised, except for a somewhat flat villain.  One of the characters also gets little to do, though this is fairly understandable given that the other lead takes centre stage in the issue.  Writer Caitlin Kittredge is also writing the equally intriguing Lucas Stand.

AIPT had some serious issues with the first issue of The Hunt, though they thought it might end up faring better when collected in trade.  So what do you think of issue two?  Once again, there’s a lot of problems with the story, though things get a lot better towards the end, suggesting that the third installment might be the make it or break it issue for this series.

Meanwhile, The Last Angry Geek from Channel Awesome has a video blog looking at the first five issues of Wayward.  The series by Jim Zub was promoted as Buffy meets Hellboy, but does it live up to the hype?

Published by Andrew Clendening