Excus eme...but are French cafes charging for rudeness?!? The FRENCH, no really the French, Hmmmm?

I think this is awesome but who would have thought. You see living in NYC, one would think I'm immune to rudeness but...I'm not. The fact is that New Yorkers are actually a sensitive bunch. Yeah, we really are. It's the hustle and bustle that brings out some harshness from time to time. I always tell everyone underneath it all is a much softer side to hardened New Yorkers. At least I like to think so. Running around town doing errands one can be faced with an overwhelming amount of insensitivity. There is nothing ruder than honking horns, cars not yielding to pedestrians and people not holding doors for each other. Oh and those grunts when you accidentally get in their way. Oh boy! Maybe we all just need something to make us more aware of our rude behavior. The only citizens with a worse reputation than New Yorkers are the French. And...I went to Paris, they were really nice actually. I didn't think the French were rude at all. Quite the opposite really. But then again, Paris is a city, like NYC and that means things are moving around at a fast pace. I'm not making friends while going from point A to point B. I am just getting there. No smiles on the street and slowing down to mingle. It's a real shame because when we do slow down we find the most interesting friendly people. Go figure. French people know this to be true, I'm sure they do. French cafes are taking steps to insure we slow down and pay respect to our fellow mankind. Sort of an attempt to recapture civility. I attached an article that I found to be so lovely. Pricing that is based on our courteousness and in a city where some may think no one even cares. The concept is if you are rude, you PAY more. I just love it!  That's right, simple kindness can save you money and those who are rude get charged more. BUT, I find it peculiar that in a city like Paris, known for a little rudeness anyone would even institute such a concept. Keeping it moving would be more like it, right? Here's what I think. Cities like Paris and NYC see loads and loads of tourists. They have huge populations. That makes things very hard to mingle and the bustle of things just lends itself to forego some of the those simple pleasantries. BUT, like I said underneath it all we are such good creatures. We are loving, friendly, kind and caring people. So this cafe makes the policy of charging for that latte according to your civility and manners. It must be a good place to hang out. Who would think the French would even care about it...a New Yorker maybe?

original article http://www.grubstreet.com/2016/03/french-cafes-offer-politeness-discount.html

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