Excuse (n.) : a reason or explanation put forward to defend or justify a fault or offense. 

Writing is like my therapy. It is cheap, because all you need is either a pen and a paper; if you are into traditional way; or writing for a blog, or using your Word Processor. For me, writing with paper and ink is the most effective one because I get to feel the emotion pouring down from the ink to the paper. When I am angry, I make illegible scribble, furiously scrawling the paper, or even pierce the innocent papers with my pen. When I am happy, my handwriting can change into bubbly, floating and cute letters. Unlike writing using technology, the full emotion cannot be seeped in deeply unless you use accurate words and punctuation. Well, I need my therapy right this second because I think I've been astray  from my goals and dreams too often. I know that I has been idle too long now. You asked why? Read the title.

Isn't it tragic that an excuse is something that nobody else will understand or tolerate, yet people believe in it so religiously if said by themselves and let it ruin the good life they should lead? Nobody will understand your excuses for your tardiness. Since we're kids, no teacher would tolerate your excuses on why you do not work on your homework, your parents would not grasp why your marks are bad. They would have expected you to live up to their certain ideas that they have formed in their minds about you. They would just assume that you were a lazy kid. I'm sure that you also have your own expectations on how you want to be. And to reach that certain goal, you need commitment. You have to be able to be committed to your goals and do not waver on temporary temptations. Being committed are really hard for some people. Including me.  

I have precise goals of how I want to be seen and what things I want to achieve in this world. I have definite ideas about who I want to be in the future. To achieve all those, I know I need to be more committed. And yet, here I am, living my life until now without all those qualities that I want to have in my life. I know I need to write, because it is good for my mental health and I need the exercise to fulfill my wish to become a writer someday. Not just some mediocre writer, but a good writer. Good writers do not happen overnight. It needs practice and cognizance. But I don't even keep my commitment to write things daily in my own blog, or keeping a daily diary. When I was a kid, I kept diaries and wrote so many things in those. I wrote my daily schedules, my feelings, the events (good or bad) happened that day, and so on. I guess the 10-year-old me was more dedicated than me nowadays. I stopped doing that in my high school years. 

I guess that is when I  had better friends whom I can talk to about anything. I grew up as a reserved kid. Nobody knew much about me, because I was always afraid to speak and express my opinions. But in high school, I became more vocal and it turned out that I was loved because of my opinions. So I stopped telling things to my diaries and started talking to people. See? I guess my argument there can be counted as excuses for not writing more.

Another thing that I know is good for me to do, but I don't is exercising. It got hundreds of benefits and it improves a lot of things like mood and health. But I kept making excuses for not doing it because I don't like the tiredness of doing it, but I love the post-exercise feeling. It is stupid and it needs to stop. Why do I keep listening to the excuses I made? I think people started making excuses because it is easy. It is the easier path.  Yet the most ineffective one. Making excuses does nothing to improve your life. It will only make your life miserable in the future. It is a fault and an offense, not to live up to your best potential. And you should stop justify it by making excuses.

Bear in mind that Regret is Excuses' best friend. Don't invite both of them into your life any further. 

Published by Genevieve Audrey