So it's all over now, the exams are gone and done and they weren't even real bloody exams just some fake stuff our school does. They are still quite important for me. I vowed a few weeks ago I'd get 5 prizes this year at prizegiving. A best in the year (or second best for a few exams) gets a prize and I'm trying to get as many as I can from this and more later on from competitions and that but this is where they primarily come from. 

I'd say I think I did pretty well, it's always those mistakes that you thought were definitely correct that fuck me up but I think I'm getting better at not tricking myself into selecting the wrong things. 

It is like a major part of my self image that I do well in tests and I'm terrified of losing it, but if I do do badly then perhaps I pivot off and do other things. 

What other things are there to do? Well this whole spinner business has excited me. I'm probably never gonna sell another spinner, it's way too much effort, I was selling a fake product that wasn't even a cheap fake, there were fakes of my fake selling for less than me. 

It is nice though, I sit here banging out a few job applications (well summer placements) and I'm wearing some new white vans that I made the money myself from from this online spinner business and I finally got my own which is honestly a delight. 

I had this joke to myself that I start a new online business every month this year and whilst it is ludicrous, I like the idea, I like doing these challenges of doing the same thing  over and over again and it might be the most valuable thing I do for this year so I'll try set one up the next few days as I'm off school and set one up. 

I really want to get this handled, even a small revenue stream will allow me to do want I want, honestly not sure what it is exactly but it involves going to some other city and probably meeting Redbeard and just killing it for ages.

That's the dream. I'll end here because I need to bang out a few CV's for summer placements. Everything is looking good, as long as I take a chance and just do it. 

Published by Kevin Li