Today we start the book of Shemos.

It’s the second book of the Torah, following Bereishis (Beginnings), and perhaps surprisingly, the word Shemos means ‘Names’, not ‘Exodus’. But at the end of the day, Shemos is the book of the Exodus. It tells of our journey- not our ancestors’, but our– journey from Mitzrayim. Of our spiritual and physical liberation- a liberation which was in fact resisted by those whom would later benefit from it the most. And Shemos isn’t just a book of the Torah. It’s a chapter- a book- in our lives. My life; your life; everyone’s life. There will always be an exodus. When we reach a point so low that we don’t even want to get better. We don’t want to improve. When we’ve sunk so deeply into the immorality around us, the uncleanliness in our lives, that we have no desire to shed this second skin and be as we truly are. And yet, we end up doing it. Reluctantly. Accidentally. Or sometimes, after a while, intentionally. And we realise that the Exodus wasn’t a pointless venture into the unknown. It was a lifesaver. Spiritually, maybe physically. But without this journey, this exodus, we wouldn’t have found ourselves.

We’re all on a journey. Right now, this minute. And wherever the next few months take us, I hope it’s a place of emunah and simcha.


Published by Lily Smythe