In the last few years, escape rooms have been popping up all over London, with most offering a variety of rooms to choose from. Having been to a few, I’ve put together a roundup below, but in order to keep the mystery, I won’t be revealing any spoilers, so feel free to read on without trepidation.

Hint Hunt – Euston
This was my first ever escape room experience, so it will always hold fond memories…it also helps that we won, with a mere 30 seconds to spare!

With three rooms in total and puzzles that required, keys, padlock combinations and more, this game demanded your strongest mathematicians, lateral thinkers and someone with blood-hound like senses to sniff out the locations of the clues.

Rooms available: Various rooms available

Rating: 7/10

Escape Entertainment – Bank/Monument
These games are good for slightly larger groups and allow up to 10 participants per game (most others are suitable for 5-6).

Compared to most, this game was slightly more “obvious” from the start, in the sense that you were able to see the full layout of the venue (rather than discovering hidden doorways and rooms throughout the game) from the outset. This has its pros i.e you’re able to plan your time better and know exactly what is where, but it does remove a bit of the mystique.

Rooms available: Bank Heist and Prohibition Pandemonium

Rating: 6/10

Time Run – London Fields
As its name suggests, during this game you’ll travel through time (and even perhaps space).

The entrance to this escape room is particularly fantastical and builds the excitement, right from the get-go. As you’d expect with time travel, this game has a slightly more technological element, which even extends to the individual helping to guide you through the various dimensions.

Rooms available: The Lance of Longinus and The Celestial Chain, both at their London Fields location.

Rating: 8/10

Lady Chastity’s Reserve – Battersea
This is by far my favourite, but is definitely not one for the easily spooked. So much so that they don’t recommend it for the pregnant or faint of heart.

The game is dimly lit, so the majority of the time you will be scrabbling about by candle or torchlight, which just adds to the adrenaline.

An added bonus with this game over the others is that if you win, along with the pride you’ll feel for having beaten the game, you’ll also receive a bottle of Lady Chastity’s finest reserve for your efforts.

Rooms available: Two rooms at the Four Thieves (Battersea), one at the People’s Park Tavern (Hackney) and one at the Black Lion (Brighton).

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