When you were a senior in high school, what was your plan after you graduated? Most seniors had a similar goal; graduate high school, enroll in some college or university, receive your degree, then start your dream job, all while marrying the man/woman of your dreams, buying a house, then starting a family and living happily ever after. Well here's a question: How many of your friends are following that route? Maybe all of them are, but I'm sure a great amount of them aren't. 

Did you notice something about life? It NEVER goes as we expect it to. Curve balls are constantly being thrown at us but it's how we react and the actions we take that will determine what will happen afterwards. 

There's always another route you can take that will lead you to that same goal or destination. It may not have been in your plans but consider everything a learning lesson, and blessing. 

If something happens unexpectedly:

  • Take a deep breath 
  • Don't throw in the towel (Don't give up)
  • Figure out a detour you can take 
  • Don't stress yourself out over it
  • Cry if you need to, shake it off, then get back up and grab the problem by the horns
  • Remember that the chapter you're writing isn't over, you're just editing a few things to make it better

Unfortunately, nothing in life is promised to us and everything can't always be rainbows and unicorns. We all have a strength deep down inside of us that we probably didn't know we had; and when the time comes, when life hits you with something unexpected, pull that hidden strength out and make things happen in your favor. 

If life always went as you planned it, things would be boring because you would know what to expect. One day, you'll look back on that hard time and laugh at yourself for wondering why you thought it was the end of the world. 

                     Keep Pushing Forward.


Published by Becoming Iyanla