Maternity Shoot?  How about a Mare Maternity Shoot!

​Article compiled by local, professional photographer Jennifer Cross Smith with Jennifer Smith Photography.   

For all the ladies and mothers out there, that have any presence on social media, I am sure you have seen the popular maternity photo shoots.  Celebrating the love and excitement of the impeding arrival of their new sweet, bundle of joy.  I can also assume you know that I am talking about actual “human” maternity photo shoots, right?

But have you ever had the chance to see a maternity photo with none other than a beautiful, glowing horse?

Well me neither until this week.

If you have ever visited my photography page you will see that I am a typical lifestyle and “human” photographer with the occasional family and pet sessions.

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11 Months Pregnant, Conclusarama “Lady”

BUT this week I had the opportunity to photograph, literally, a glowing, first-time pregnant mare.

A local woman from the same town, high school and circle of people contacted me inquiring about a maternity photo shoot.  I have frequently photographed her cousin and his girlfriend.  

Well she caught my attention when she said “maternity MARE photo shoot”.

The mare’s owner is local resident, Candice Knight, who has owned her pregnant mare for all of the horse’s 16 years of life.  She purchased “Lady” when she was a freshman in high school, shortly after she was born.  Lady and Candice has been through a great deal of ups and downs over the span of their 16 years together.  Lady almost had to be euthanized after she was involved in a horrible accident when another horse ran her into a gate, slicing her front legs open and puncturing both her abdomen and throat.  After many countless months of being on stall rest, full leg casts, cold hosing, medications and treatment; she recovered nicely thanks to the veterinarian and grandmother’s care while Candice was in school during the day. 


Baby Lady at 2 weeks of age with owner, Candice and her father, and Lady’s mother.

During recovery and the fact that Lady could only be hand walked a few minutes out of the day and kept on stall rest, Candice spent countless hours just being with Lady, grooming and bonding.  They share a special bond like no other.  Lady learned to follow Candice without a halter and rope, pivot on her back legs and would even follow Candice over small jumps after she recovered.  Candice and Lady went on to compete in many, many horse shows and they both even lived briefly at a farm in North Carolina in their younger years. 



Lady even won a showmanship class with Candice when she was not even two years old, with horses more experienced and older, right after fully recovering from the accident. 


Image from last horse show September 2017 by Premium Image Photography

Candice and Lady wrapped up their last horse show this past September when she first got pregnant during Hurricane Irma, which was one weekend they will never forget.      

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Lady, “Conclusarama”, Mare Maternity Photo Shoot.

Soon after I got out of my SUV, I quickly noticed the love between the two when I met them this week for the photo shoot.  Sometimes it was hard to capture certain shots because Lady would in deed follow Candice’s every move.  Lots of treats, hugs and kisses was given so Lady did not mind one bit. 

Towards the end of our session, I showed Candice one pose I really wanted to capture but I needed her in a “lacey” type dress.  And here she stood in jeans, boots and a cardigan.  Candice quickly said, “I HAVE DRESSES! We should totally try this, it’s breath-taking.” 

But there was one big kicker.  Lady was already out of the pasture, Candice would have to walk clear across the property to her house and change AND I would have to stay and hold Lady.  While yes Lady is as sweet as peach cobbler; I was wearing slide on shoes, holding my own baby [my camera] and I have no major experience handling horses especially one I just met. 

I do believe Candice went and changed in a photo booth, because she was back in record speed but it was too late.

She caught me first hand sitting in the grass holding Lady and feeding her grass, rubbing her soft muzzle and snapping away candid pictures.  I WAS in LOVE! 


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The saying is true, there IS something about the way a horse smells, their soft, kissable muzzle, their thousand pounds of pure animal with a trusting heart as big as their build.  I completely grasped and truly understood the passion for the four hooved wonders this week. 

I could have stayed all night snapping pictures and sharing hugs, which I almost moved in to the horse trailer. 

Now I am excitedly awaiting to capture images of the sweet foal that is due any day. 


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Conclusarama, 2002 APHA Bay Mare pictured with Owner, Candice Knight.

It was such an honor and pleasure to be apart of this special photo shoot and to meet this awesome duo.     



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