"The triumph of hope over experience." ~ Samuel Johnson.

Our own life experience leads us each to view the world differently.

Everyday we learn another lesson, good or bad; that taints our perspective.

No two people have the same experience or the same view.

We tell ourselves a story, based on what we have lived in the past.

And sometimes this is biased and inaccurate.

Sometimes we lose faith and hope for the future based on something that has occurred previously.

Sometimes we feel that we cannot control what goes on in our lives, that we have no choice, that there is no hope.  We feel defeated.

What stories are you telling yourself?

What experiences have caused you to lose hope?

Does hope triumph over experience?

Everyone has a past.

We can move on from the past and it does not determine your future.

We can dwell on the past. And see our future as gloomy and dim.

What lessons has your past provided?

How do you view your future?

Do you think that has an impact on today?

Published by Kristy Hunt