Though a self-confessed non foodie, eagerness towards experiments and love for novel experiences drive me towards the joy of exploring different cuisines. As a reflection of culture, produce, habits and traditions of any land, cuisine plays a very important role. Making use of unique ingredients, typical cooking styles, diverse sources and characteristic recipes, every cuisine has a wonderful touch to its name. Combining with my love for travelling, experiments of diverse cuisines fall perfectly in my agenda. As every recipe has some novel aspects for the taste buds, I enjoy the feel of its uniqueness.

      With advent of modern times, the globe has shrunk into a big, large entity, allowing our exposure to diverse cuisines and information about various food habits. Though it is possible to enjoy the treat of any cuisine from any part of the country, it cannot replace the joy of enjoying local cuisines from a native land. While travelling and experiencing the richness of a place, I always look forward to the food offered by the region.

      Though cuisines differ in their recipes and raw materials, every cuisine has common elements of well-balanced nutrition. Differences in the core ingredients and methods of cooking form the signature style of these cuisines. While I may love some cuisines over the others or prefer a particular style, trying each one for its interesting feel create some wonderful experiences. During these adventurous trials, I enjoy comparisons and analysis between different cuisines. While relating it with different styles and enjoying its novel taste, I am able to bring happiness to my plate.

     As I experiment with diverse cuisines, I realize their contribution towards my knowledge base. With striking differences in the main ingredients, I am able to appreciate their significance. Experiments of different cuisines shower me with the happiness of collecting memories. Taking me closer to the joy of memorable adventures, diverse cuisines are interesting in every way.

    From American food with its fast food richness to French cuisine with elaborate courses; from Italian food with priceless pizzas and pastas to Mexican style with typical tangy flavors; from Indian cuisine with traditional spices to Chinese food with interesting sauces, I love to explore different cuisines and enjoy their typical charm. As local cuisines of any place offer the best experience to its patrons, it is essential to explore and make the best of their spread.

      A few pointers that elaborate the joy of experimenting with different cuisines,

1.  Cuisine of any place points to the richness of the land; depicting its culture, traditions, styles and varieties.


2. Experiments with different cuisines offer novel experiences that add to our knowledge base.



3. As food forms the primary necessity of life, characteristic styles of preparation and unique taste of cuisines provide happiness of authentic feel.


4. Different cuisines point to the diversity of traditions on earth, prompting us to the wealthy treasures of life.


5. Taste of different cuisines blend us with the world and make us one with the globe.



Though cuisines may bring their typical flavors and characteristic taste, experimenting with their uniqueness is certainly interesting in every way. 

Published by Lavanya