Hi all, or at least those who have read my work on here previously. It's good to fall back into a routine.

​As of today, I plan to keep my page as active as possible. Be sure to expect 3 or more written, long-length articles here a week, or perhaps monthly.

It all depends how busy I'll be in the next six months remaining of 2017.

​Writing and updating my profiles online is quite a priority for me. Ever since I obtained a domain name for my WordPress blog, it's made me even more determined to keep a regular presence everywhere else on the social media sites I like to visit and use. Although I'll be abroad from the end of July to the start of September, there's always apps to use or my laptop when I have a good electricity source. But of course, that's why you have a smartphone, right? Connectivity is key to maintaining a lot of things in daily life.

​Hiatuses & thoughts aside, 2017 has been an insightful year of wonder for me personally. I've written a lot more, felt more confident in my own ways of expression and emotive sense. For the most part, it's been good although bad times have come and gone with the wind. How you deal with those is another story but the storm will pass in time.

I'll be writing longer articles in the near future but this will be it until a few days have gone by.

Be sure to check out my personal blog for more posts and such.

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Published by Mila Christiansen