Many people consider getting married as the ultimate dream in life. They believe that they would attain self-fulfillment and feel real happiness when they build their own family. However, there are still other people who choose to be single most especially men.

Being single is a matter of choice. For those men who opt for a footloose life, they may find joy and a sense of contentment in whatever they do. If you’re lucky to be one of them, you don’t have to worry since single life offers a lot of golden opportunities intended only for singles.

You always have ample time, and it’s your decision on how you use it. You may consume it in doing business, establishing your career, or in traveling the world. You can also use your time to meet new people in your social life, or do your favorite leisure activities alone or with your friends. Take a look at the list of outdoor activities you can do now as single.

Go to the Beach

Beach has been a favorite spot to many people, especially in hot summer. You can do a lot of things there. You can go swimming with your best swimming trunks. Socialize with other tourists at the beach. Beach volleyball is a sport that you can see a lot of people playing in the seashore, and you can also try it yourself.

If you have friends who are also bachelors, you can do activities together. Sharing fun stories over a delicious dinner, laughing along with a few cans of beer, and taking a walk in the seashore while teasing each other are some of the things that you can do in the beach with your friends.

If you’re alone, you can try to explore enjoying the company of your fellow tourists. Making a new circle of friends is an excellent opportunity to take this time. Extend the possibilities to establish a connection between you and the beach.

The water splashing against the stones in the seashore, wind swaying back and forth, and even the faculty of silence to penetrate the beautiful scenery of the beach are the essential components that will bring you to the state of complete mental and emotional relaxation. You spare time now to experience this beautiful setting that only the beach can give you.

Go Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing is another outdoor activity that you can try with your free time. Choose a particular mountain that you want to experience climbing. You can search the internet to find the most visited one as well as safe at the same time. If you have friends who travel a lot, you can ask them for ideas and suggestions.

Some bachelors want to experience outdoor activities which are more adventurous and exciting. Carrying a heavy backpack, climbing a mountain, passing through a swamp and a muddy footpath, and staying under the heat of the sun are some of the difficulties you may encounter in this outdoor activity.

When you reach the top of the mountain, you can see the big part of the Earth that you haven’t seen before. You could also feel the sky like a big blanket that can cover you anytime. There are also birds singing around together with the humming of the wind. This perfect scenery gives you a chance to appreciate the beauty of nature while staying single.

Go Fishing

Fishing is an exciting activity among men. You can also do it with your free time. It’s not tiring that you need to carry heavy baggage or go through the obstacles under the heat of the sun. You’ll only need fishing rods and a couple of cans of beer.

It’ll be better if you bring friends with you. Go fishing while drinking beer over a fun conversation will always be an appealing outdoor activity to everyone.

You can start contacting your friends to join ahead of time. For those who said yes, assign tasks to them on what to bring that day. Aside from the fish to grill when you catch one, you could also bring some foods enough for the entire day of activity.

You can Focus Fishing while laughing together over a joke, talking about funny stories and experiences, and teasing each other to laughter. Fishing is an outdoor activity that won’t just strengthen the bond among friends, but it will also create precious memories to share in the future.


Some people say that bachelors are sad people on Earth. If you are one of them, don’t let their notions be a reality to your life. You have a lot of things to enjoy. In fact, you are the luckiest person to have the most flexible time. You can go wherever and whenever you want. No one will stop you, and you don't need to ask permission from anyone.  

The outdoor activities discussed above are just a few of those tons of ideas and suggestions from the internet and the reliable people. Continue to enjoy your life as a single. Find ways to make time and create memories you’ll treasure for the rest of your life

Published by Zachary McGavin