The online discount brokerage firms offer brokerage services for future and options, currency and commodity, stocks, on NSE, BSE, MCX, and NCDEX. This retail equity business is aimed at the individual Indian and non-resident Indian investor. It is possible to make money (and lose money too, if one is not careful) by trading on the Forex markets.

Most of the reputed trading houses have over 10,000 – 12,000 customers and they offer customized solutions. This is useful when you do trades. It offers the highest Intraday Exposure (Margin Intraday Exposure) which amounts to about 40x in NSE cash, 10x in MCX and FNO, and up to 20x in Cover Order.

Choose an option to make a trade

You have many options while making a trade. Their investment plans cater to both the beginner and the expert. Here is the list of options available.

  1. Delivery trades
  2. Commodity Futures
  3. Derivatives Trade
  4. Intra-day Trade
  5. Depository trading

For the expert trader, they offer customized options for making the trade. They use the best charting software in the world such as Ninja Trader, AmiBroker, AceCharts, and MetaTrader 4. Other than this, they offer to those traders without enough experience, the chance to learn without losing money with a practice account. You can use the delivery brokerage calculator to decide what option to choose and how much to invest.

Make a plan first

Many people enter the market without knowing anything about it and try to learn the ABCs there. In the process, they lose everything they have. This is not an uncommon situation but happens to most of the traders. So, it is a wise move to join with a practice account using play money first and learn the basics. The way forward is like this. You must evolve a well-thought out financial plan for your income level. Map out the appropriate strategies that have the best possibility of working well for you.

Varied brokerage plans

They offer many brokerage plans. The newbie trader will opt for the Rs 9 plan which is applicable for Equity Intraday Brokerage, Equity Delivery Brokerage, Commodity Trading Brokerage, Currency Options Trading Brokerage, Currency Futures Trading Brokerage, Equity Options Brokerage, and Equity Futures Brokerage. You don’t have to pay anything for the trades if you opt for a monthly plan. Those who do plenty of trades must choose a higher plan.

Payment of tax

The tax structure is like this. You have nil tax on Currency Futures and Currency Options. On Equity Delivery on both buy and sell you must pay Rs 10,000 For Equity Intraday trading (sell only) you need to pay Rs 2,500 per crore. On sell trade of Equity Futures, you must pay a tax of Rs 1,000 per crore. And on the Equity Options on premium sell trade you pay Rs 5,000 per crore and Rs 12,500 per crore on exercised options. Use the option brokerage calculator to see how much to pay for that trade.

The well-diversified financial company you choose to do trade with is focused on wealth creation. By investing with them, you can as they say, make your money work for you. You get good support from the highly talented and motivated team. If you need advice, they have a panel of advisors to help you make the right decision.

Published by sandeep Malik