Sales people are a rare breed. Not everyone can turn their attention to selling a product or service and find success. Whether that be naturally or even with time and the best training available.

Because there are specific personality traits which are essential. There are also factors which are prerequisites when it comes to selling, based on the product, the industry, the audience and the interest.

Can you sell something which you do not believe in yourself? Some may. But often it comes down to your own values and principles.

Maybe you would not find a need for a solution yourself, but as long as you can find a perspective for others and understand the reason why it makes sense for that purchase t make the purchase.

But beyond the minimum requirement to be a salesperson, there is a different and deeper level. There are styles of selling which, within an organisation often need combining at alternative stages in order to create a synergy and progress each deal to the close.

You are a great communicator but don’t have the hard-hitting delivery for closing a sale. Or maybe you have the ruthless streak but are unable to ever build a relationship - known as setting up the sale.

Itis all of these attributes which make up a sales team and the most successful will recognise through self-awareness and honesty, what people are good at and what some are less effective with. It is down to your sales director or management to identify and implement this structure.

Here are five types of salespersons based on their traits and skills.

  1. The Relationship Builder

  2. The Reactive Problem Solver

  3. The Hard Worker

  4. The Lone Wolf

  5. The Challenger

1. The Relationship Builder

  1. The relationship builder salespersons are very careful about their customers.

  2. They prefer making relationships with customers internally and externally.

  3. They are really generous and love to solve customer problems wherever possible.

  4. But this type of salespersons is the least effective, as reveal experts and various studies.

2. The Reactive Problem Solver

  1. As the name implies, this type of salespersons is quick when it comes to solving customer problems.

  2. They pay attention to details and listening to the customers.

  3. They follow up sales and customer demands in order to make sure everything is available for the customers.

  4. In a nutshell, they believe in solving problems immediately.

3. The Hard Worker

  1. The hard worker salespersons are better known for not giving up easily.

  2. They find motivation in themselves and are always motivated about the work.

  3. They also believe in personal development and growing their skills.

  4. For such salespersons, customer feedback is important.

4. The Lone Wolf

  1. These salespersons follow their own instincts.

  2. They are hard to handle and manage for the bosses.

  3. But they deliver the best results.

  4. They are deeply confident and often succeed in their work.

5. The Challenger

  1. These salespersons love to debate and push the customers.

  2. They have great understanding of customer interest as well as business.

  3. They have complete control over the conversations.

  4. The challengers are the top performing salespersons among all.

What Are the Best Traits of B2B Salespersons?

Following are the best qualities and traits of B2B salespersons.

1. They are Passionate

The perfect and outstanding salespeople are always passionate about their work. They don’t feel low when there are problems. Rather, they find self-motivation to keep themselves engaged.

2. They are Ingenious

The ideal and successful salespeople are problem solvers. They know how to handle customers and resolve their problems. They are also creative and look for options beyond their comfort zone. This makes them hard workers.

3. They Feel Accountable

The sense of accountability is high in the responsible and ideal salespersons. They know they have their targets and will be questioned for poor performance. They take ownership and work day and night to meet their target and the deadlines.

4. They are Tech-Savvy

Previously this was not considered a trait for perfect salespersons. But now it is really important that they should be tech-savvy. The successful salespeople know better than others when it comes to tech and productivity tools.

5. They are Highly Engaged

You will see the successful salespeople are always active and engaged. They keep themselves busy and engaged as they know the importance of their time and want to spend it in productive works.

6. They are Empathetic

They feel about others and can’t see anyone is problems. Speaking professionally, they are really careful about their customers. They take care of their words as well as actions and evaluate its impact on the clients and customers.



Published by Lavismichel Inkel