Law can either be criminal or civil. Civil law is further divided into General Civil and Family Law. Family Law may be described as a legal area that is concerned with matters involving family relationships like divorce, adoption and child custody. Those who practice Family Law will be your go-to person in handling legal matters surrounding other family areas like child support payment and alimony, which is support for the spouse. Some more common problems that can be solved by the lawyer would be child visitation details.

Who Is Involved?

The legal description of Family Law is the guidelines that govern matters that are significant in family relationships such as those mentioned above. In many cases, Family Law will offer guidance on matters revolving around children, such as guardianship and protection services if the child is in danger. In other cases, it may go a little further from the child in a case in which they may not be the principal in a family matter. A good example of such a situation would be a couple going through divorce.

The Family lawyer

In 1990, the Ontario legislative assembly passed the Family Law Act. It regulated the rights of parties such as dependents and spouses in case of divorce. These rights revolved around prenuptial agreements, agreement on separation, how to divide property and inheritance, among others. A Family lawyer seeks to get the best deal for their clients when it comes to dividing marital property, alimony and child support and custody. They draft the pre- and post nuptial deals.

During a divorce, a Family lawyer will work with the couple dissolving the marriage to see how best the common property can be divided. It is prudent to pick an experienced team, such as Law Offices of James C. Wing Jr., to help in such a situation.

You may wonder how much a Family lawyer makes in this era of many divorces. This lawyer’s average salary may be around $70,800. Other common questions that arise include whether Family law is Private law. Indeed, family sounds like a private affair, but Private law is under the Civil law system. Family law surrounds domestic relationships, marriages, civil unions, abuse of partners – whether physical or mental, surrogacy, legitimacy, settlements, adoption, support, and visitation.

The Family lawyer may also be referred to as the Divorce lawyer or Divorce attorney. This is because of both deal with the same issues. The Divorce lawyer handles matters like child visitation and support as well as annulments, all which the lawyer would do.

How do you become a Family Lawyer?

Though it may vary due to different factors, ordinarily it would take between seven and eight years to become a lawyer. The first four years are for obtaining the bachelor’s degree, after which you will enroll in law school for an additional four years. You need a law degree, also referred to as the JD (Juris doctor), and an undergraduate degree. To be able to practice law, you need to pass the bar exam and earn a state permit.

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