A happening city with an energetic ambiance, Los Angeles (LA) in California State is truly one of the best cities in the world. Located in the central region of California, along the coastline of Pacific Ocean; this city has best of both the ends of the state. Exotic blue beaches of South California and long mountain ranges of the North come together in this city of LA that has lot of wonders for its visitors.          Home to the movie industry of Hollywood, Los Angeles is well known for its film sets, recording studios, radio and television companies and wide variety of live shows. Universal studios at Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Street and view of famous sign of Hollywood from Griffith observatory are some of the best spots to explore the Hollywood wonders of this city.

    Besides its world-famous tourist spots, LA has diverse cuisines to suit the needs of each one. From local food joints with authentic American flavors to multi-cuisine restaurants serving cuisines from all over the globe, from pocket friendly fast food places ‘to grab and go’ to expensive 5- star restaurants for a rich, relaxed experience, this Hollywood city takes good care of the appetite. While visiting LA, a day long adventure at the Universal studios theme park is truly worth it. With interesting 3-D rides based on the theme of different movies, live shows, shops with exciting movie merchandise and fun-filled experience of entertainment, Universal studios certainly attracts tourists from far and wide.

    Though Hollywood and its related wonders are the primary attractive spots for the tourists, LA is also known for its spectacular coastline with amazing beaches. Clear blue waters, huge stretches of sand, options of surfing and water sports, perfect destination for day-long picnics for the family are some of the distinctive features of these beaches that call each one towards the water wonders. Manhattan, Venice, Malibu, Santa Monica, Hermosa, Zuma are some of the best beaches along the coastline of the LA city. Stretching till the southern tip of California, there are several other beaches along the way.

   During our recent trip to Universal studios, when we got the opportunity to explore two of these wonderful beaches in LA, the experience was truly wonderful and one of its kind. No wonder LA beaches are famous all around the globe for their energetic waves, cool vibes and amazing ambiance.

 Let me take you through my experiences at these two wonderful beaches that mesmerized us in their own unique way:


  1. Venice beach

     One of the most famous beaches in LA, this beach is nicknamed as ‘People’ beach for drawing lot of visitors all year round. Frequently visited by local folks and equally famous among tourists, Venice beach is truly energetic. Long stretch of shore and thin fine sand mark the spread of this beach that is always crowded with family and kids.

     Venice beach is well known for its street of shops, selling diverse goods to the visitors. From funky beach wear to cool t-shirts, from lemonade and candies to trendy fashion accessories, this shoppers’ street has it all. Beach volleyball on the sand is another famous activity observed at this beach. With famous muscle gym located right opposite the beach, this spot encourages sports and fitness among the folks.

    Though every beach has water and sand as its signature, Venice beach has a totally unique feel of its own. Big, hollow skate park with enthusiastic skaters and their talented tactics is another feature of this beach to look forward to.

   If you plan to visit the Venice beach, make sure to have enough time in hand to explore the shops, walk over the shore, play some beach sports and admire the energy of the beach.


2. Malibu beach

       After amazing morning fun at Venice beach, our next destination of Malibu was equally fantastic. Scenic drive along the Pacific coast highway 1 with mountains on one side and Pacific waves on the other added fun elements to the journey. Another picturesque beach with its unique wonders, Malibu also seemed to be famous among the visitors. Excellent facilities of parking places near the beach allow convenience for the beach enthusiasts.

      Malibu pier offers best view of sunset with golden shine over the waves. Route to the beach offers some great spots to capture photographs, against the backdrop of blue waters.

    Explore the feel of this beach, but do not miss the amazing view of sunset.


  While these two beaches are just a sneak-peek of the water wealth in LA, there is lot more to explore ahead. Till we earn more opportunities in the future, it’s just a ‘wait and watch’ game.


Published by Lavanya