I've always wondered, why are we so fixated in sharing parts of our lives on social media ? Do we like the attention ? Do we want to show people how interesting our life is ? Back when I was on Facebook few years ago, I had what you call "Friends" on that platform and it's basically people I've never personally met or even interacted with, having them on the profile just a number. 

One of these people I had there was a girl whom I've never met or talked to but I know everything about her. I can honestly say that I knew her life even more than my own friends because she shared too much on her feed from pictures, messages screenshots, relationships, where she goes and how she takes care of her kids. I knew she had a son from her highschool boyfriend then he proposed to her, few months later they broke up because he left their son in the car while he went to 'get high' with his friends. Of course she posted the messages from him and his family trying to mend the whole situation and  creating a bigger drama in the comments. Few months later she started dating a new guy and she moved in with him, posting pictures how her son interacting and seeing this new guy as a father. She got pregnant again and had a beautiful girl. I left Facebook 4 years ago and I don't know how she get on with her life after that.

So me a  total stranger knew that much about someone on the other side of the planet just because she shared too much on Facebook alone. I think keeping your life private from prying eyes became a hard task because of the raise of many social media apps and websites we use. Like what Lise from Lushtivity said on the comment section of my personal blog"I hate how wired our lives are now" it makes me wonder how did we reach a point where we became obsessed with showing everything to total strangers because we use the internet on daily basis and basically trust it that much to expose ourselves.

Published by Rawiya Al-Amri