Some books, comics, movies to check out.

I’ve talked about Adriana Mather’s witch books in the past.  I generally liked them, though there were a few elements in the second book that didn’t seem to flow naturally out of the first, How to Hang a Witch.  Unfortunately, as of now, there will be no third book in the series, though Mather is coming out with a new book in 2019.  She says she does have ideas for more with stories, so the best way to get those green lit is to get more people to check out the first two books, right?  So here a couple of reviews for book two, Haunting the Deep, to get you interested.  Lair of Books and Literary Dust  were also both impressed with the series, and hoping to see more of the characters.

Literary Dust also gives a quick review for the upcoming When Life Gives You Demons by Jennifer Honeybourne.  The story follows a sixteen year-old exorcist in training who is trying to prove herself to her mentor, find her missing mother, and live a normal life all at the same time.  Literary Dust praises the book, comparing it it, not all that surprisingly, to Buffy with exorcisms.

Meanwhile, Lair of Books, gushes over My Plain Jane, the Jane Eyre retelling from the trio of authors who wrote My Lady Jane.  The review praises the mash up of a Gothic Victorian story with Ghostbusters, mentioning Charlotte Bronte as a favourite character.

The Barnes & Noble Teen Blog highlights fifty fantasy books coming in the second half of the year.  There are actually a couple of books here that I have never heard of before.  Seventh Born from Monica Sanz is a new magic school book, Katya de Becerra’s What the Woods Keep sounds like a horror or dark fantasy story.

Turning to movies, you may have head that the upcoming New Mutants film is going to use Demon Bears as a villain.  AIPT! Was kind enough to review a collection of stories featuring the character from back in 1984.  And it is apparently pretty good!  The collection also features later Demon Bear stories that aren’t so enjoyable. 

The Artemis Fowl Confidential YouTube channel presents an interview with author Eoin Colfer about the movie adaptation.  The interesting part here is that he says the movie will only adapt the first book in the series, which seems to contradict everything that’s ever been said about the film, which seems to be combining the first two books into one film.  So who knows?

Finally, you may already be aware that there are two TV series coming that are adaptations of the works of Joe Hill.  Netflix is finally bringing the comic series Locke & Key to the small screen, while AMC is adapting Hill’s novel NOS4A2.  Meanwhile, his comic series The Cape is also being revisited, though here it is a new comic story, not an adaptation.  AIPT! previews the first issue, while offers a review.

Published by Andrew Clendening