For two weeks I had a chance to intern at an organization called Reapbenefit. It is a Non-Governmental Organization working with public and private school in Bangalore, India, to spread awareness to use water and electricity judiciously in private schools and to spread awareness about sanitation and waste management in public schools.


I received the opportunity to work with a few public schools since I’ve studied in only private schools. I can firmly attest that the contrast between the two types of schools is dismaying. For instance- in a private school abundance of water (approximately 3lakh liters) is used up every single day. On the contrast, a public school uses a maximum of 10,000 liters in a week! And the other stark difference is that the restrooms in a government school

    A) Do not work

    B)And are cleaned by the students themselves

The realities of a child from a governmental school is so different from that of a child from a private school.


We as individuals take our situations so much for granted that we forget to be grateful for them- that is that I’ve learnt from my short but a very insightful experience of interning at an NGO.


P.S- I have gained a lot of respect for all the NGO workers as I’ve got to experience how unconditionally and without any benefit for themselves, they devote their time and resources to make other living beings’ lives better. They are our world’s true heroes!


Published by Supriya S