gurning to make friends,
but meet no ends,
beat in chest,
gorilla man,

chanting the banker's song,
coked up,
but got no suit on,

remember no one takes smack
like mandy,
like you're off your face
but can't remember if you liked the taste,

and wasn't it funny,
crunched up between your gums,
and teeth?

never turn to codeine,
amps all the way,
stick to tongue to hallucinate,
and don't panic when the
heat moves from heart
to head,
let's get lit, he says,

pop Molly,
to talk shit like Polly
repeating questions like:
do they like me?
will they fuck me?

but I'm buzzing my tits off,
meet me at the warehouse
where colors melt brightly
into shapes,
into sounds of party

and yeah, you can use my student ID,
credit card numbers catch all the good bits, anyhow,

and we don't make much,
take the cheap stuff,
ket that breaks my legs,
and makes me chew the insides of my mouth out,

hey, it's all part of the fun, right?
don't you want to feel like a drug,
face flat down on a rug,
and someone shrugs,

watching the universe
as a concept.

two people talk nonsense,
to avoid the comedown,

no, don't mention your mate
who whited,
there's a tune on,
a banger,

let's continue till sunrise

promise I'll keep my eyes wide.



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Published by Anna Mcnutt