Ever since the first MUA stand popped up in my local Superdrug a few years ago now, I've been really interested in their makeup. This, mainly, is due to the price. This brand offers a vast array of makeup at extremely affordable prices so naturally (as someone that hates to spend money!) I wanted to try it out.

Sorry for the really bad pictures - my camera isn't great!

I first received the MUA 'Undressed' eyeshadow palette as a Christmas present in 2014, and I've used it regularly since then. After two years, I feel I've tested this palette enough to offer a decent review, which I have to say, is overwhelmingly positive!


Top Row: Shades 1-6 (L-R)

Bottom Row: Shades 7-12 (L-R)


The palette is £4 in Superdrug which a great price considering that you get 12 eyeshadows in a good array of colours.

Bottom to top: Shades 1-6

The colours are fairly well pigmented, and come in a variety of shimmer, glitter and matte finishes. All are easy to blend out but do take a few layers to provide a decent pay off on the eye.

Bottom to top: Shades 7-12

The variety of light and dark colours make it easy to create different looks for different occasions, I find that it makes a great item to travel with, due to its slim packaging and colour options.


The pigments are also fairly long lasting, and although it is not too noticeable, they do fade throughout the day. With this being priced at £4, I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to try some new eyeshadows. It's perfect for creating a look for any time of day and is something I will absolutely be re-purchasing when I have finished my current one.


What is your opinion of MUA's makeup? Have you tried any other palettes? If so, let me know what you think!


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